Sunday, April 13, 2014

The Route to Recovery: Genting Peres

My cycling posse: Alain and En. Azmin
Getting back into shape is a massive challenge especially so after a very long break. Not only to shred those extra pounds gained during the break but also to rebuild my strength, endurance and fitness level

I'm basically rebuilding my base while everyone else is already up to speed to some level. The progress so far is pretty positive. The legs feel good, cadence and rhythms are there during climbings. I can’t burn matches during rides just yet. It will come back. Having patience, perseverance and consistency are keys to the recovery program. 

The aerobic is getting better after each rides. For the benefit of those who don’t know, cycling, for the most part is aerobic. Most people will ride for extended periods of time and push themselves to elevate their heart rate for extended periods of time, at minimum greater than 20 minutes. 

(Note: 3 ride videos shot with GoPro HERO2 after the break)

Saturday, April 12, 2014

The Longest Hiatus

2012: With Alexander Vinokourov from Team Astana
I've had my longest hiatus since June 2013. I did have a few rides on my MTB and most of them were short rides. Few things have been going on with my life. The busy work schedules and most important of all is the birth of my baby boy. In summary, I was busy with domestic responsibilities and I didn't regret having to temporarily suspend my cycling schedules. That magical moments expecting the newest member of the family was something that I wouldn't trade for anything.

Once everything seems to have stabilised, it's time to be back on the saddle. I did a couple of rides with my cycling posse at Sungai Long and few tours to Genting Peres. Yes, the infamous Genting Peres, a cycling heaven for many city folks who seek to release their stress by burning calories and straining their legs climbing the hills filled with lush green trees, encapsulated with morning mist and the abundance of nature as well as fresh air.

(Note: I've added 2 videos shot with GoPro HERO2 after the break)

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Bike E-novations

Audi e-Bike.
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Hello there! How's everyone doing? Wow, this must be the longest gap ever since the last post. I've not been on the saddle for at least a couple of months now. Why? Hmmm where do I start? No where! It's just that I've been busy, period.

One thing for sure, I'm itchy to get back on the bike. May be not straight away do the road but a few rounds on the roller first and see how that go.

Bicycle has evolved since early 19th century, from the draisine in 1817 to the mountain bike in 2000. It's interesting to see how bicycles and trends evolve these couple of years. Now there's foldable bike, fixie and then the e-bike. With easy and fast access to information, innovation is happening faster and faster every day. IMHO, for these genre of bikes to survive, they have to reach cult status fast. That means they have to go to market fast and wide, with the right price and package. The rest such as marketing etc goes without saying.

Monday, April 1, 2013

Shout Out to Spartacus!

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Fabian Cancellara aka Spartacus has won the one-day classic Tour of Flanders for the second time! He burst clear of the field on the Paterberg and soloing to victory ahead of Peter Sagan and Jurgen Roelandts.

Go team RadioShack Leopard Trek!

Sunday, March 31, 2013

Outrageously Cool Stunts

You’ve heard and seen people do all sorts of stunts and tricks with BMX but what about road bike? Check these videos out. Trust me, they are nothing like the “Richard” video.

Video 1:

Video 2:

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Hello Sungai Long!

Wow, the blog hasn’t been updated this long but that doesn’t mean the were no rides on weekends. It’s just since early of the year, things are pretty hectic, good hectic. Enough said, lets park this topic and get on with weekend cycling.

We’ve been on the Sungai Long route almost every weekends. Personally I think its a good cycling route. It has dragon backs that makes it a fun and ideal short route. Plus it’s not busy with cars and there’s plenty of cyclist as well. Hence it provides a sense of security or confident.

Monday, February 4, 2013

Where did everybody go?

Passing thru Bandar Baru Bangi
For those who are working KL, it's a 3 day break due to the 1st February Federal Territory Day holiday.  Some of the guys wouldn't be in town. I'd be surprised if we could get 4 or more ride crews this weekend. Well then it's an opportunity to ride, more, with my training bike.  

It was just SBJ and myself on the blistering hot Saturday morning. The Sungai Long route was pretty quiet and we could hardly see people on their bikes.  It was a fulfilling ride nonetheless except for one nagging thing, the irritating cracking sound coming out from the saddle. Like all nagging squeaking sounds that could have come from any parts of the bike, they always shy away when the mechanics checked them.    

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Sunday Pajam Ride

Kg Gebok, Pajam
Last Sunday we rode to Pajam, Negri Sembilan via LEKAS highway. To be honest, I wasn't so keen on doing this route not because they were far but because the fine road condition! This would 100% guarantee me eating the dust if I brought my MTB instead of the Madone.

The weather was super fine given the current monsoon/rainy season. It rained in the wee hours Sunday but was bright and sunny the whole morning.

We had a good ride and I had had the opportunity to test the GoPro! I've been testing the camera on my MTB using the handle mount for a few days but the Pajam ride presented the opportunity to test the helmet mount on a long ride. 

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy 2013!

Allez allez Richard!
Here we go again, another new year fast approaching. Personally 2012 had been very interesting and no doubts it's a challenging year for my cycling calendar.  But hey, that's the beauty about life. You gain some you lose some. After all we are all jugglers aren't we? Jobs, me time, family, community, friends, hobby… we juggle all the time don't we?

Hello 2013! I'm a looking forward for a more "fulfilling" cycling calendar this year, hopefully.  I'm looking to add some off-road actions since I have upgraded my MTB on top of the usual weekend road rides. Nothing fancy and serious like the PCC Presidential Ride, Burung Hantu Night Jamboree  or MTB bike hash. It would just be mini rides with decent track that would not require me to push instead of riding the bikes, at least for the start.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

The Training Bike

It has been almost 2 months since I was in a saddle. If Alain is reading this, that 1 botched ride we had on one Saturday didn’t count. To start siding from a long sabbatical is one tough gig. So i decided that the best way to get back in to shape is by using a bicycle that will make my muscles work twice harder than road bike. Hopefully this will help speed the process up a bit if not a lot. And this bike is my newly refreshed MTB.

Why MTB? Well I discovered that when I used my MTB to ride with my buddies not long a go. The distance was 14 KM but the amount of calorie burnt was 2.5 times higher compared to when I was on my road bike. And not to mention I had better heart rate than the target zone too.