Sunday Putrajaya Ride

Date: October 31st 2010
Route: Putrajaya-Cyberjaya
Distance: 53.38KM
Time on wheels: 2H10m
Riders: Najib, Zack, Zam (Kechik), Farizal, Suhaimi (MieTador), Romzi and Faizol
Bailed: Zaha, Saipol

Thank God it was a sunny Sunday morning. I was looking forward for this ride since Saturday was a now show due to the torrential downpour. Zam (Kechik), Zack, Najib and started from the Sungai Balak RVP (Rendezvous Point), while Suhaimi and Romzi waited for us at Petronas station near the LLM. Zaha bailed for an unknown reason, Saipol was “expected” and no status update from Farizal.

While passing through the Sungai Ramal flyover, we saw Farizal riding alone heading towards the Petronas Station from the Bandar Baru Bangi underpass. We rendezvous with Suhaimi and Romzi at the station. A few minutes later Bob who was on his way to the Rodalink Putrajaya launch ride stopped by for a quick chat before heading to the Diplomatic Precinct.

From the station we continued riding through the old road via IKRAM and UNITEN and took the flyover to the Serdang Hospital. From here we climbed the 1st Bukit Malang near the MARDI and Petronas depot and took the Cyberjaya exit before making a quick stop under the MAX highway flyover to regroup.

Bro Najib came all the way from JayBee.
I hope you had a good ride brader
The route here was a lot more fun as it’s mostly flat except for the steep climb after near the ERL station. We cycled at about 30-33 Km/H and broke up into few smaller groups during the climb. The climb here has a double step so those who were familiar with the route would know better not to use all the gas in the tank as the 2nd step would be your bonk zone.

We made another stop at the next MAX underpass to regroup. The weather was getting hotter by the minute hence we had to cut down our break time otherwise we’d riding at 36° degree Celsius under the searing Sun and open sky. 

The Cyberjaya-Dengkil route had more flats and few nice descends enabling us to crank up to 40-43 Km/H up until the exit to Putrajaya and PICC. From here we had to climb a slightly steep elevated route heading towards Bandar Pinggiran Putra. 

Even though the route was mostly flats but we went easy to save what ever gas we have left for the “Big Momma” or official known as Bukit Wawasan. The hill was not that bad but the rather long route and few ramps would worn us down by the time we started climbing the “Big Momma”. 

As usual we’d be broken up into few smaller groups during the climb depending on the what’s left in the gas tank. The descend from the peak was quite nice but short followed by a minor elevation before the ramp near Alamanda. 

From here we took the left exit heading towards the “turtle shape” roundabout and straight to the Diplomatic precinct. 

The Rodalink Launch Ride
The were scores of blue jersey riders gathering up in front of the newly opened Rodalink outlet when we reached there. We parked our bikes at the sidewalk as the mass were getting ready to ride. It was almost midday but I guess it’d be fine to do a casual ride for 10Km under the searing sun.
When the road was cleared, we took a look into the outlet and boy oh boy some of us were like kids in a candy store. After a few minutes in the outlet we headed to the nearby Ali Bistro to chill and refuel. 
We continued our way back home from here at around 11am through the Abu Bakar Baginda, Jalan Air Itam, Uniten before entering the SILK highway. 

Overall it was a fulfilling ride. Thank you all for your participation. Good Ride everyone!

Here's some of the pictures taken during the ride. (Please click to enlarge). There are few videos but its going to take a while to be uploaded.

@ the 1st RVP-Sungai Balak Toll 

 Zam (Kechik) was all smiling, Kelatan won the Cup!

 Kajang town from a distance

Climbing the Sungai Chua's ramp 

Entering the SKVE from SILK 

Approaching the 2nd RVP at the Petronas Station 

 Hok aloh, Zam testing out MieTador's eye piece

Bob the Radio Man crashed into the party 

Checking out who has the coolest gadget...

Brader Zack

Mietador and Farizal

Team Merida 

O Km ended here 

Passing through UNITEN 

Farizal and his all new Merida outfit

 Romzi on his Fuji bike

Serdang Hospital flyover 

Crossing the road 

 Descending from the flyover heading towards MARDI

Nice pond... 

1st climb, the teaser boleh la attack

Mietador trying to make a breakaway 

This was one of the big one

 Descending down is always fun

 Regrouping at the MAX underpass

 Flats all the way

 The double step climb ahead of us

Looking all cheerful 

 Regrouping under the 2nd MAX underpass

 Cyberjaya-Dengkil route, mostly flats

Zack pointing at the remote controlled plane flying above us doing acrobatic acts at a nearby air field

 Heading towards Bandar Pinggiran Putra

The RC plane in action 

 Najib relieved after taking the bio-break

Waiting for the rest 

 MTB passing by

Rodalink Launch Ride @ Diplomatic precinct 

Macam-macam stail ada...

 Wahh... macam cover album rock band la

Finally the outlet is ours to serbu

 Kids in a candy store...

 Romzi having a hard time thinking what to buy

 Tengok bro, jangan tak tengok...

 Dia tak ingat nak balik... dah gelap mata tengok aksesori basikal...

Cheap sale la bro! 

I wonder who's the owner of this pair of slippers. Sampai tak sempat simpan dalam kereta... 

Parking the bikes at Ali Bistro 

Makan Time



sero said...

dah bukan mcm candy store... mcm budak2 masuk Toy`s R us je, huhu hu

Faizol said...

Hahaha.. betul la... memang macam budak2 masuk Toy's R Us...dah rambang mata sampai lupa beskal park kat luar kedai...

zackgrafik said...

Sib baik aku jaga beskal korang tu kat luar huhuhu

Faizol said...

Hahaha... Cheap Sale la katakan... nasib baik tak leh swipe guna MyKad...

Farizal said...

Wa cuma bawa cash itu pun untuk makan..... kad lagi la tak bawak... kedai mamak mana ada pakai kad....isk! isk! Mana nak tau nak pi RODALINK....

Anonymous said...

salam CA,lah macam maner aku boleh tak nampak ko orang kat tepi tuuu..

Anonymous said...

pada hal aku pun tengah berkumpul dgn JC biru nak mulakan kayuahan..nampaknya tak ader rejekilah nak berempit dengan CA lagiiii..nak nak si Zakaria perggg lagu mamat tuuuu...

Faizol said...

Ni siapa pulak Anonymous ni? Next time bleh ride Putrajaya route...

Anonymous said...

boleh join kayuh dengan CA tapi saya seganlah nak berkayuh dengan CA sebab saya tengok basikal you all semua high end dan kayuhan dalam youtube tuu laju laju tuuuu
tak aperlah nanti biler saya dah kuat kayuh dan pakai basikal yang OK barulah boleh join CA berkayuh kat putrajaya..
yer InsyaAllah...