The Epic Port Dickson Ride!

We made it guys! We finally did the PD ride. What a way to open the 2012 Cycling Addicts calendar.

Firstly our sincere apology to our friends for the black out. Trust me it was unintentional and pretty much a last minute decision that took place on Saturday while we were having a break at the Mamak restaurant after the 2011 Closing Ride to Putrajaya. It's not easy to commit ta crazy plan as the journey, in total, was about 140km (to and fro) on Sunday while enjoying Melodi and Nona on TV3 (other reasons apply too, no pun intended).

All these years of planning the PD ride with Saipol such as 2 day I night trip, the Lorry Plan (rent-a-lorry-for-the-ride-back) and the Missus Mercy Mission (Ask the missus to pick us up at PD) taught us one thing, when you add more variables to the equation, resolution becomes more complicated and more often than not, ended up as toilet papers hence the Decide-Plan-Act a.k.a "Just Do It Already".

This PD ride was more like a recon mission and a bit like black-ops too. We decided to keep the crew small for mobility, fast decision making and of course the "crazy-enough-to-do-it" in such a short notice. The ride crews were Suhaimi, Zaha, Farizal and myself. Though, larger group would have been better to battle through the heavy traffic.

The RV point was Zaha's crib in Semenyih. From there we headed to Sepang where the 1st check point was near the Shell Station. From here we headed to PD via Lukut. A true "Fun under the Sun"...

It was nice and sunny in the morning but the weather turned nasty at noon. It was scorching hot during our ride back from PD to our checkpoint in Sepang. The road condition was not road-bike friendly, filled with pot holes and other road hazards.  And the rolling hills added to the fun.

We made a mistake of entering the Port Dickson's town and ended up getting lost there instead of taking the Teluk Kemang's route to the sandy Port Dickson's beaches. We took break at the Bagan Pinang near a food court for about 1 hour before we headed back home with the same human powered two-wheels we used to get here.

The ride back was really challenging with heat from the searing Sun and bad road condition filled with varieties of hazards such as  potholes, shoulder drop off, wheel ruts and road kills. Heavy traffics to and from PD added more flavour to the already "spicy" trip.

The one thing that kept us going was the sense of satisfaction that we made it to PD. It's a milestone but most importantly, we got back home safe and sound. Our next mission is Morib! The ride by the seaside, sensational!

This is a rather short entry for a long outstanding mission but it was intentional because I hope the videos and picture will do the talking...coughing*. The PD recon mission was a success and has been completed.

Even though burnt and battered but it didn't deter us from having a lot of fun. It was an amazing ride and awesome experience. Good ride guys!


Here's a friendly message to Monsieur Saipol of Toulouse, France. A note here, please select the HD mode for better video quality.

Here's some more video shots:

Suhaimi climbing Bukit Pelandok

Here's the ride pictures to PD....

At the Sepang Town

I would have been really nice if the road was shaded like this all the way to Lukut.

The view on top of Bulit Pelandok

Entering Lukut Town

At Port Dickson's town and got lost...

Here's our Pit Stop

Our lunches, Briyani Gam Sepcial...

My Madone made it to PD, yeeehawww!

The Victory Pose!

The Ride Back Under the Searing Sun

Passing through the Chinese cemetery near Lukut
Taking a break

Holy Cow it's Hot!
Caution! Winding road a head!

Special XXL size picture for Farizal:



Pahlawan Basikal said...

aku rasa aku ada perasan korang masa aku stop kat Shell Pekan Sepang. Kitorang pun pi PD smalam dari Putrajaya.

Faizol said...

Mental...ride tengah2 panas hari tu. Kudos to you guys too.

joe said...

Great Jobs!!!

Faizol said...

Thanks Joe!

wyatt wong said...

Hi there, we are a group of riders in sg long area and we are interested to ride from kajang to port dickson. We would like to know more about the route. Please drop me an email at

Thanks alot!