The Sunday SKVE Expedition

Initially the plan was to ride to Lenggeng on Sunday. Unfortunately, because of too many couldn’t joined due various domestic problems, it was a unanimous decision to postpone the ride to a later date.

There were few routes discussed last Saturday during the break at our official roti canai joint. The first option was Lenggeng, I was a bit skeptical on this one due to not so overwhelming responses. The second option was Sungai Merab and third was a wild idea mooted by Farizal to explore the new SKVE highway.

I’m always extra worried when it comes to Farizal’s proposals or suggestions. He reminded me the Bukit Antu’s adventure. Even though it happened quite a long time ago in 2008, the event is still fresh on my mind. But that’s another story, so back to Sunday Feb 20th ride.

Since the circumstances had changed, we decided the do the Putrajaya-Cyberjaya-Sg Merab or better known as the outbound route.

The ride plan was to rendezvous at the Petronas station at LLM and then rode via SKVE, through Cyberjaya-Dengkil and entered the Persiaran Selatan. From here we'd continue riding until the Desa Pinggiran Putra before entering the Kajang exit and on to Bangi bound Sungai Merab-Limau Manis route. Finally we took on Jalan Ayer Itam to Putrajaya’s Diplomatic Precinct for RnR before we headed home.

Sound like a plan for the weekend ride but what happened on Sunday was nothing like what had been planned before.

Gloomy but hot Sunday Morning

It was a gloomy Sunday morning. Even though dark clouds hover across the horizon but it’s not going to rain any sooner, may be later in the evening. I’m not a meteorology expert but that's pretty much the trend for the past couple weeks.

I was the last to arrived, yes because I overslept, but still manage to catch up with the boys at around 8.40am at the RV. 

Farizal once again brought up the idea to explore the SKVE route and after much deliberation we collectively decided to adopt his plan. It was a fresh idea and an adventure, the chance to do something different from the usual. This brought back the fond memories when we first started cycling together in 2008. Back then there was no planned ride and we just cycled through unknown routes. It was all fun until we rode through Bukit Antu or Ghost Hill in English, which caused a dear friend to gave up leisure cycling for good.

The SKVE route was pretty much unknown to rest of us except for Farizal who happened to have used the highway when he was driving back to Ipoh once upon a time ago. We did’nt know what to expect and there were no proper route brief so everybody was extra careful not to over exert ourselves by cycling casually at 28-30 Km/h. The only tips shared by Farizal was that there would be many rolling hills and no RnR area up until the last toll plaza. Well that was just wonderful news wasn’t it?

Banzai!: The Ride through SKVE

Passing through the lake (used to be a huge mine)

From the Petronas station we cycled through UNITEN and took the exit to Seri Kembangan Hosipital, passed through the UPM’s Medical Faculty. The route here was mostly descending so we were enjoying the coast downhill up until the MAEPS hill near MAHA exhibition area. This hill could be one of the longest climb on the SKVE but it was not too dreadful except for Zam Burma who seemed to struggle. He managed to catch up with the group when we made a quick stop at road shoulder near a sign board on top of the Cyberjaya-Puchong clover leaf.

After a photography session we continued riding through the SKVE. Apart to what seems lime an endless number of rolling hills and housing areas, the roadside sceneries weren’t that bad. We passed through few rivers and andoned tin mines that turned to big man made lakes.

In spite of the gloomy weather, which actually did us a great favor, it wasn’t much of a rough ride. we’d definitely be grilled on the tarmac if the weather was bright and sunny. We’re lucky there wasn’t much of headwinds problem except to replenish water bottles. Its important to be properly hydrated during long distance rides especially under tropical weather where the weather at times could be really hot.

The last refill point would be at the Petronas station right before the Cyberjaya exit. After that, there’s nothing between here and the last stop at SKVE Saujana Putra’s toll plaza. We made a brief stop at the RnR before we headed back to Kajang. There’s nothing much there except for the john’s and nice bench to lie on.

The day got warmer as the the temperature continued to rise by the hour. We continued our ride back to Kajang through the same route. Along the way we made a quick stop near the Puchong’s mine for a quick photo session. The huge man made lake view was breathtaking. It's a ginormous lake and  no wonder they found a huge crocodile here sometime ago that made headline news. It was so huge it could eat an adult with a single gulp.

The Ride Back: Yatta! We Made It
After the quick photo session we continued cycling through the rolling hills of SKVE and made a stop at new Shell gas station near the MARDI’s Maha expo fair area to replenish our bottles and hydrate our selves.

At this point we decided to head straight back to Kajang instead of entering Putrajaya to make a stop at the Diplomatic Precinct as the day was getting hotter.

We made a stop Sungai Ramal’s Hassan Cafe for a while before continuing our ride back home.

It was a fun ride all together. Thank you to Zaha, Farizal, Zam Burma and Najib for making the ride happened.

The total mileage from Kajang would be around 60-70Km while Zaha would have clocked another +20-40 Km more from Semenyih.

Good ride guys!

Here are the pictures taken during the ride. Videos will come in later:

Passing through UNITEN 

 Coasting down hill from the Serdang Hospital

Climbing the MAEP's hill 

 Group photo at clover leaf

Najib was all happy 

We made it to Plaza Toll Ayer Hitam 

The endless rolling hills 

Someone honked, Zam Burma replied 

A river... I didn't quote catch the name 

That's not a good sign wasn't it? Ipoh was the only one listed on the board. 

Passing through a lake 

 The Puchong lake

More lakes and hills 

Yeayyy! We made it to the border... 

Reached the SKVE Saujana Putra's Toll Plaza 

Zam Burma got stuck on his bike... 

Nice scene 

Zam Burma was faking a nap... 

Kampung Lombong/Saujana Putra round-about 

Rumah Kongsi 

This one looked like a marsh 

More hills 

Lombong Puchong... 

At the Shell gas station 

Greasy bunch at the Hassan cafe