Bright and Sunny Sungai Long Ride

Rising sun...manyak panas woo..
I hope its still not too late to wish a Happy and Prosperous Rabbit Year to all our Chinese friends.

Like in the previous years, long holiday breaks especially relating to big festivities, hordes of city folks (it doesn't sound right...) travelling to the north, south and east-coast of the peninsula.

I hope all CA have arrived home safe and sound from the long break. Due to concern that some won't be able to join the Setul Ride, we're pushing it to the next Sunday. The exact date however remains a mystery. Hopefully we can confirm this some time next week.

Sunny Saturday Ride:

New Trick:

It's a beautiful Saturday morning. The sky's blue and bright.  The turn out wasn't too bad. Farizal, Zack, Zam Besar (Pak Lurah), Zaha, Dr. Azlan, Suhaimi and Romzi joined the ride.

The funny part to this was that we started on different time. Zack and Zam cycled from the 1st RV point at around 7.30am followed by Dr. Azlan and I who reached the Sungai Balak at around 7.50am. We managed to catch up with them as Zam had to stop at the Bukit Kajang Toll RnR for a bio-break.

A few minutes later Farizal joined as at the RnR. After a brief chat we continued the ride to the Kajang Perdana clover leaf.

As usual, Zaha was already there at 8.15am.  We then continued our ride through the dragon backs and made another stop on the hill after the Sungai Long's toll plaza to wait for Suhaimi who started late from the 1st RV together with Romzi.

After that we headed out to the Roti Canai joint for RnR, jokes, skodeng stories and discuss the next ride plan.

Today's ride was so damn tiring. It might be because of the long distance drive from Ipoh yesterday or the heat. What ever the cause, I hope we've warmed up for tomorrow's ride. Thanks for joining the ride guys!


Sunny Saturday morning

Passing through Sungai Ramal

The meeting at Bukit Kajang

I'm not sure why Doc Azlan wanted this post, anyway, don't forget to share with us the before & after testimony of a successful diet plan on some magazine or brochure, if there's any...

Farizal joined the meeting

Climbing the foothills of the Big Mac

Passing through the clover leaf

The ride crew with same old post.

The is the Rabbit's years new post.

Team Cannondale 

Climbing the Big Mac's peak. 

Zam Besar aka Pak Lurah denga gaya santai...

Climbing the 2nd peak

Refreshing view of the surrounding area

Aha.... new trick

Waiting for Suhaimi to arrive...

.... Still waiting for Suhaimi....

.... waiting...adeeeehhh



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