Smoking Hot BMC TeamMachine SLR01

Alain and his new BMC
In rained in the wee hours of the morning on June 2nd 2012. Though it was a sunny morning, the road was still slightly wet. It's school break again, hence it's expected that most people would either be out of town or running with wedding invitations. Nonetheless, ride must go on.

I was running late because I was scrambling to find my camera which I don't usually bring along for Saturday ride.  Alain had already arrived at our RV point and I noticed something different about the way he was smiling.    At first I thought it was because I was 5 minutes late but then it became apparent to me it was something else. He got himself a brand spanking new BMC TeamMachine SLR01bike which he had been talking about for a couple of weeks.

The bike was a beauty and according to Alain was much more responsive and comfortable compared to his Pinarello Paris.  And he was smoking fast too.

I'm not sure if the bike have an immediate impact but I do think new bikes does are faster because  when someone gets a new bike, he or she has a greater sense of purpose, get more joy from riding, and thus even probably ride more. The new bike can inspire us to get out there, the feel good factor because its such a cool bike, better fit than the old one etc. But make no doubt, its not the bike actually, its your feeling about cycling and then actually getting out there on the road that makes you a better cyclist. But getting a new bike is definitely a cool way to motivate oneself.

Dr Azlan caught up with us on the Kajang Perdana clover leaf and we continued cycling together up until the Cheras Perdana's exit.

Good ride everyone!


Pictures taken during the ride:

Alain's new baby...

Passing few MTB's just past the Sg. Chua's clover leaf

We bumped in a bicycle convoy...

SRAM Red Groupo

What's with the mustache Richard? 


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Farihan said...

Awesome machine... Plus the RED.
Its my wish list too.