Where did everybody go?

Passing thru Bandar Baru Bangi
For those who are working KL, it's a 3 day break due to the 1st February Federal Territory Day holiday.  Some of the guys wouldn't be in town. I'd be surprised if we could get 4 or more ride crews this weekend. Well then it's an opportunity to ride, more, with my training bike.  

It was just SBJ and myself on the blistering hot Saturday morning. The Sungai Long route was pretty quiet and we could hardly see people on their bikes.  It was a fulfilling ride nonetheless except for one nagging thing, the irritating cracking sound coming out from the saddle. Like all nagging squeaking sounds that could have come from any parts of the bike, they always shy away when the mechanics checked them.    

We started a bit late at around q-past 8am. It was gloriously sunny Saturday morning and the traffic was decently calm except at the Bukit Kajang area.  Always love the Sungai Long route in the mornong. It's calm, tranquil and the air is fresh.  I just hope the authorities are "managing" and "controlling" the housing development area around these hills. We could see more and more hills have been paved to make way for houses and industrial areas. 


Below are the videos shot using GoPro HD. Didn't have much time to edit them, pls bear the ambient noises.

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Part 4:



sero said...

tengah sibuk "Ninja Gaiden 3"... will be back next week, heh

Zaha said...

Sorry gang, weekend aritu x sihat... dah > 2 minggu x kayuh ni..

@sero - demam PS3 pulak ke??? ni demam x menyihatkan badan bukan badan x sihat... hehe

sero said...

tak bole tinggal lame2 sangat ps3 tu.. semunye kene balance, indoor mau pun outdoor, lepas ni kene aktif balik kot.. dah ter-register FM bulan 6 ni

Joe said...

Faizol, Part 3 both RB is my frd. i ride with White shirt guy all time at saturday fr balakong toward Nilai at Lekas n U turn. The day i waitng a newbies, esle i can meet u. Miss u lah, since keep look for free time whole 1st half of weekend n join urs.