Saturday 11 Jan 2008 Ride

Route: Batu 18->G.Peres->Sg. Congkak

Sorry for the late posting. I've been kinda busy lately.

This time around, we joined Man CIOCC's entourage to Genting Peres. We started off from Pekan Batu 18 in a huge group (more than 15 bikes, at least).

Then my problem started rigt before we flaged off. My cleat was damaged thus I couldn't get my left shoe porperly locked on the pedal. After numerous attempt (Saipol came back from the peloton) we finally got it locked. By then we were 10-15 minutes behind the last man.

We reached the "kaki bukit" where the pack was already there to take a breather while waiting for the rest to arrive. The group started the climb after 15 minutes break.

Then my ordeal with the pedal started again. After 10 minutes of trying I finally managed to get the shoe locked on and started the climb.

Overall it was a fun ride. Unfortunately I couldn't join the rest of the pack to Sungai Congkak due to the problem with my cleat. I withdrew when we arrived at the RV point at Pekan Batu 18.

Video (From RV to halfway there....)


Preparing for the ride

Meeting with friends

Morning prayer from Man before the ride

Who's snapping who

Cikgu on the scene

Was there a Dates party going on up there at the peak

Tired but satisfied

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