Tour "Dah Hilang Akal" 18th Jan 2008

Cruising the LEKAS highway

Route: Toll-Bukit Kajang-Mantin via Lekas Highway
Mileage: 86 - 100KM
Total Tour Time: 5:46'15"
Total Cycle Time:3:33'12"
Calorie Burnt (according to my bio-spec): 3799 with 44% Fat.
Average Heart Rate: 131

What a ride it was.

The RV point was Toll Bukit Kajang where Man Ciocc and his gang assembled. From Toll Sg. Balak, Zack, Sham (Balakong), Man (Utusan), Romzi, Cikgu Sham and my self.

We started the ride from Toll Bukit Kajang, 13 man strong. The weather was sunny and warm. The sky was blue, promising to be a hell of "berasap" ride and it was true enough.

From the RV point we cycle our way to Semenyih via SILK and took the next exit after Sg. Jelok to the Lekas Toll Both (I couldn't catch the real name, wasn't paying attention to the detail) where we met up with Zaha.

The LEKAS highway was fun and windy. We had some break a way from the peloton and did a pit stop at Mantin Toll Station's RnR.

After the Bio Break we continued via the kampung road to Pekan Mantin where we stopped and refuled. My bigest mistake here was not eating anything. I didn't ralise that the journey back home was going to be a loooooooooo0000000NNNG one.

Brother Mat Nor aka Balung Ayam came by the pit stop and we continued our ride back to Kajang/Bangi via the "Jalan 6 Kaki" after Man managed to recover his water bottle.

Can't say much about Jalan 6 kaki except that it was 6 feet wide and winding.....not to mention the snake.

We broke off from Man's team at the Bangi Intersection where they continued via Bangi Lama-UKM while Zack, Romzi, Sham, Man, Cikgu Sham and me went through Bangi Town. We stopped by Taman Sri Kenari for a short break and continued back home.

It was most definitely "Tour dah Hilang Akal", yet we want more.....


They say a picture worth a thousand words...

RV Point at Toll Bukit Kajang

Lekas Highway Snapshot

Man Ciocc and his camera...

Mantin RnR

Pit Stop at Pekan Mantin

Where's our drinks?

I want some more...this heat is fun...

Dude this is crazy...i'm getting heat stroke...

I had worst buddy! chill out...

Pay special attention and focus your sight on the sign board

P/S: Check out Man Ciocc's blog for detail story



Man CIOCC said...

Two teams as One = Great Ride!

Anonymous said...

whaddup with with the signboard?

Unholy Alliance

Faizol said...

It was awesome.