The Setul Epic Ride

I have to admit that I was a little worried about the reception of the Setul ride on LEKAS Highway.  One have to be crazy enough to spend his/her Sunday morning cycling 100Km against the unforgiving LEKAS's headwinds and under the searing hot Sun. Utter madness!

While it might seem like ordinary Mantin ride's routine, the Setul trip presented a valuable opportunity to provide the best exposure and simulation for the PD ride.  It's an arduous trip meant as a fitness barometer that tested both mental fortitude or endurance to a greater extent.  In other word, personally, the most app definition for this ride trip was a "Can You Handle It?" test.

It was hellish ride condition but at the same time it could be a blessing in disguise.

I don't think that there are  secret techniques to deal with headwinds except a positive attitude. You can't do anything about it till the road turns or if you scream your lungs out, so welcome the wind as a tool to becoming a better rider. It will significantly increase your pedaling effort and burn more calories per kilometre traveled. 

Sunny Sunday Morning
Setul Ride's D-Day: October 30th 2011, It was a beautiful, bright and sunny Sunday morning. One thing for sure, it was blazing hot from 10.00am onwards and sun burn marks were expected. When coupled with headwinds, it was unmistakably a very challenging ride condition. 

Danial, Zack and Joe were at the Sungai Balak RV point when I arrived. Unfortunately, both Zack and Joe took a rain check and did the Sungai Long dragon backs instead. So did Zam too. We cycled causally through the SILK highway enroute to Kajang Perdana clover leaf where we split up. Danial and I took the exit to Semenyih and cycle our way through the Kajang Interchage and headed to the LEKAS's Kajang toll plaza, the 2nd RV point. 

Zaha, Shaleh and Farizal were already at the 2nd RV point. We waited there for a while until Dr. Azlan and Shahzan arrived. Where was a bunch of Porche cars near where we assembled. It hard not to notice that these few weeks, we've seen convoys of  Ferrari, Lamborghini and Porsche driving through the Sungai Long and LEKAS highway. And these people drive at probably 200 KM/h, at least. 

We cycled at around 30-35Km/h with intervals until the Mantin flyover where we took a quick break to regroup. The real test began we started climbing the Setul hill. The sun was already high above the horizon and long climb was really tough but we enjoyed every minute of it. The view form above was refreshing. 

We took a break at the Setul toll plaza before we crossed over and ride to Mantin for the real RnR. After we had our meal, we headed back to Kajang through the LEKAS hell. Out last stop point was the Kajang toll where we took another much needed break and to reflect the bad idea to choose cycling as a hobby.  It was always the case but after a few days, the addiction to be on the saddle, cycling on the open road comes back, and stronger. 

During the short discussion, we chose the "Chicken" Route to go back home. Though farther, the Sungai Ramal route was mostly downhill and not so torturous. Dr Azlan, Shazan, Danial and Najib were ahead of Farizal and me. Farizal had a cramped leg forcing us to slow our pace down. After the Sungai Ramal toll, I cycled alone through the the SILK high headed to Bukit Angkat and back home.

It was a good ride and hopefully everybody had a "good time" on the LEKAS Hell and SETUL Madness. 

Lets do this again!

P/S: This weeks's Richard is Doc Azlan


@ The 2nd RV Point

The LEKAS Cruise

Pesanan Untuk Saipol

The Setul Climb

The Setul Downhill

Pictures taken during the ride.
Click to enlarge:


Joe and Zack

Najib arrived at the 2nd RV point
Group Photo
Dr Azlan (Richard) and Shazan made it to the RV
The Porche convoy

Mantin Exit
Mantin Flyover

Allez allez Richard!

One lonely climb...
A view from the top

Setul Toll booth
Setul toll plaza

Coasting downhill from the Setul's peak (179m with 4% elevation)
Danial looking happy...
Arrivee at Mantin Town
At a stall in Mantin town, gearing up for ride back to Kajang

Quick break at the Kajang Toll while listening to the "radio"...
Deciding which route to take
Farizal had a cramped leg at the Semenyih interchange
The cramped leg got worse just as we're climbing the Bangi Flyover
Farizal had to push his bike



Faizol said...

Siapa nak repeat Setul Madness?

sero said...

we want more... hahah ha,

joe said...

nice...i want try + start early because i always the last one who back under hot sun. Panas wooo

Faizol said...

Orite... this time around kita tak stop kat Mantin. Kayuh sampai Setul, eat light stuff i.e. powerbar etc and head back. That way we could save 40 minutes.

Memang panas woo. Tak boleh tahan punya panas tapi banyak syiok. Having two tones is a privilege.

Next time we start as early as 7.00am

sero said...

aku ade sunburn spek kat muke ni... priceless wooo, rehat kat beranang?

Faizol said...

Hahahaha... best tu ada dua tone kat muka...

Rehat kat Setul and kat Toll Kajang. That way we can complete the tour before 12pm.

sero said...

ala takde hal sunburn ni... penat tu yg buat sarapan kat mantin sedap n berselere, next time aku nak try ikan keli die lak

Faizol said...

Ikan keli dia is by far the best in town...kena cuba...

Zaha said...

Repeat jgn x repeat... best woo..
Susah jgk nak bawak ration makanan & minuman banyak2 dkt poket belakang kalau x singgah makan dkt Mantin... berat & bulky... xkan nak pakai backpack..

Faizol said...


Kalau ko nak teknik untuk bawak setandan pisang dan 4 bungkus nasi lemak, kena tanya Lt. Kol Saipol la. (Jgn Marah Saipol....nanti kena jual)

Aku suggest bawak light stuff macam energy bar or high energy food such as chocolate bar etc, enough for personal consumption. 1 or 2 bars should be just fine.

Tapi bagus jugak alau ko nak bawak back pack untuk buat kenduri kat Setul.... keheheheh...

zackgrafik said...

hehe ade richard ek...

Faizol said...

Ada... hehehehe....memang gaban!