The Big Loop

There has been a lot of discussion about the PD ride these few days.Yes, the talk has been going on for a couple of years with no "yields" to date.  Frankly speaking, I think we already ran out of idea to add on to the "Great Book of Excuses". The sleepover, escort,  yada yada yada.

The Gaban Blitz Man
There were suggestion that we should do the ride during school break. Personally, I don't think its a good idea. Based on general observation, school break is our most dormant period ever. Anything that coincide with wedding invitations and vacation plans will render obsolete. Forget about doing the ride during this time of the year. If the PD ride is going to happen, its before school break.

We've started with few long distance ride to improve endurance. So far we've done Mantin and Putrajaya.  As we need to add intensity to the training, I'd like to suggest that we do Sungai Long's One and Half Loop on Saturday and Setul on Sunday.

Long distance cycling can be an amazing and rewarding experience. The physically and mentally challenging activity has attracted many seasoned cyclists and neophytes alike.  What would be  interesting to learn is what happens after the ride. Some might like it and want a repeat or worst,  he or she might decide not to ever ride a bicycle.  The latter actually happened to a friend, who just started cycling and joined a ride to Bukit Antu, Hulu Langat few years back. After the ride he swore not to ever touch a bicycle for good. There's no doubt its a tough gig hence the prep is utmost important.

The Weekend Cycling Activities
I was a little worried with the weather conditions last week. It looked like it was going to be downpour during the weekend but it was not, in fact it was so hot especially on Sunday afternoon.

We did the usual Sungai Long route on Saturday but I had to do the 1.5 Loop to due a technical miscalculation with the traffic. I only managed to catch up with the gang on the hill after the toll plaza.

On Sunday, we did the Putrajaya Big Loop. The weather was nice and a bit cloudy in the morning. Daniel joined us on the ride. He was a big help when we needed some one to push the pace in the peloton. Most of the time it was him vs Dr. Azlan doing pursuits while the rest maintained our pace, saving some gas in the tank for the ride back.  We called this the "Gaban Blitz".  Kinda wonder what he ate or took in the morning...stuff that would "Gabanize" a person to cycle like his back was fitted with rockets.

The Sunday route started from from the Petronas near LLM. From here we cycled through UNITEN and took the flyover to Hospital Serdang.  After the long descend we entered the SKVE and climbed the MARDI hill. We then took the Dengkil exit and cycled straight passed the Cyberjaya exit and on to the Persiaran Selatan, Putrajaya. After the Bukit Wawasan climb, we took the flyover to Precinct 14 where had out break.

We managed to finish the the tour earlier as we don't want to be cycling home at 12 noon, under the searing and unforgiving sun. Good ride everyone!

This Sunday proposed long distance ride is Setul! Any takers?

Video: Cycling through Serdang's Hospital

Some pictures taken during the ride:

Passing through UNITEN

Climbing Serdang Hospital's flyover

Regrouping underneath the MEX flyover
Passing through Cyberjaya's overhead bridge
Team Specialize Allez

Daniel's attempt to cheat Bukit Malang's torture didn't work...
Bukit Malang...

Pergghh... Sedap nya mee goreng tu Saipol...
Fulamak.... Najib punya pun tak kuran hebat...



joe said...

hi all, mis the chances last week as my sister in law fr JB visit. Need me as tour guide. BTW, fall sick at tueasday n wed.(actually i plan lonely cycling at sg long at deepavali). hope body can recover n have a weekend ride. Miss the cycling sport when see my bike park in rhe room.

Faizol said...

Yo Joe!

I hope you've recovered bcos we're planning to ride to Setul via LEKAS this Sunday.

Take care

Pahlawan Basikal said...

Salam geng, kalau kayuh mula dari Putrajaya, bagitau lah aku. Kot² boleh kayuh sekali ke :D

Pahlawan Basikal

Faizol said...

@Pahlawan Basikal: Waalaikumsalam, ok boleh. Next time boleh kayuh sekali.