Ride with New Friends

Jacky and Liu
It's 7.30am and there's nobody at the Sungai Balak RV. Yes, another solo ride through the SILK highway. It was a cloudy morning and slightly breezy.  Weather like this, most people would just pull their blankets and continue to lie on their beds.  For cycling addicts, this is a perfect weather to ride, especially when you live in a country that is generally hot and humid.

I cycled casually at 28-30 Km/H through Sungai Ramal, Bukit Angkat and on to the Sungai Long. Farizal caught up with me at the Semenyih exit after the Bukit Kajang toll plaza. 

Zaha arrived at the 2nd RV point with a bunch of guys who he bumped into while cycling here. One of the things I really enjoy about cycling is meeting new friends, fellow cycling addicts. The two blokes  Liu and Jacky were from Semenyih and avid riders. 

We cycled through the Sungai Long dragon backs and on to the usual ruote through Cheras Jaya. We were disappointed when we found out that the Joint was closed and had to settle at the near by Mamak restaurant for RnR. 

To Jacky and Liu, it's a pleasure to meet you guys. Hopefully we can do more rides together especially to Mantin or beyond. 


Video: Coasting downhill on Sungai Long

Some picture taken during the ride:

Frm Left: Shaleh, Jacky, Zaha, Liu and Farizal

RnR at the Mamak



sero said...

pasni kite kene carik kedai 2nd choice la... maidin simpang balak?

Zaha said...

Tak crowded ke maidin spg balak tu?

sero said...

crowded gak... tapi makan baloi, mmg berbaloi

Faizol said...

Kena hantar surat bantahan kat pakcik tu... suka hati dia ja nak buka atau tutup... Kena report kat Pak Lurah ni...

sero said...

sile bagi reminder kat zam besor kalau nak tutup kedai