The Training Bike

It has been almost 2 months since I was in a saddle. If Alain is reading this, that 1 botched ride we had on one Saturday didn’t count. To start siding from a long sabbatical is one tough gig. So i decided that the best way to get back in to shape is by using a bicycle that will make my muscles work twice harder than road bike. Hopefully this will help speed the process up a bit if not a lot. And this bike is my newly refreshed MTB.

Why MTB? Well I discovered that when I used my MTB to ride with my buddies not long a go. The distance was 14 KM but the amount of calorie burnt was 2.5 times higher compared to when I was on my road bike. And not to mention I had better heart rate than the target zone too.

Some might asked if MTB was a good cross training for road bike. Honestly I am not sure. It's just my personal opinion based on the data I gathered. MTB and road bikes require different power outputs.

Today’s ride was a tormenting one. This was my 1st ride using MTB as a training bike. Well at least the the hard part was done, to start. Now, to keep it up!


Najib's new Specialized Robaix

My new training bike...



Alain said...

Jom climb bukit hantu then Perez hehe

Faizol said...

LOL, Alain...need to tune up the engine first!