Top ranked road bikes

My dream bike, the TREK Madone 5.2

So what is the best road bike out there? Which brand? Full carbon-half carbon or alloy? Italian or American made (Well...most of the lines except for the really high-end are made in Taiwan or China anyway). Some even say the group set is the key differentiator.

We can argue until the cows come home on which road bike is the best but I'm a firm believer that the  best road bike is the one the fits and suits you.

There are few aspects that you can look into for consideration or checklist when buying a bike other than price tags such as raciness, performance in a variety of conditions, including sprints, climbs, descents, high-speed turns, stability and comfortableness during long distance rides. 

Here's something I found on the internet for top ranked road bikes based on consumer review for your reference. Please take note the the rank might not apply to the Malaysian bike market. 

#1 Binachi Infinito Ultegra

#2 Scott CR1 Comp

#3 Raleigh Grand Sport (I find this really disturbing)

 #4 Giant Defy 2

Runner Ups - Wilier Triestina Imperiale


Runner Ups- Trek Madone 4.7

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chazz said...

Just thought you'd like to know that Raleigh is a really nice steel bike.Bicycle magazine rated it highly as a plush (comfort long ride bike) and at my LBS they have one that has Ultegra for $1800.Other than say a Waterford it's nice.Only thing bad is unlike say a Fuji Roubaix and other Fuji's (they make good steel bikes) the Raleigh is a 520 not a Reynolds 853.But the welds are better than Fuji.If one wants somethings that feels comfortable like steel and not too heavy it's a nice bike.Could be better steel.But those who find aluminum to harsh and don't wants to break a carbon bike it's good.And if your a big heavy rider the weight savings of carbon isn't worth it.Plus it will last longer under same conditions longer than any other bike on your list.So try a steel bike out again or for the first time and see why weight isn't everything.Rayleigh makes good bikes.

chazz said...

Oh yeah based on what I have read the best value their is that Giant Defy 2 (and the whole line be it aluminum or carbon).I might get one trad bike from my dealer or if I could using it an Orbea.He say's his Fuji line is really well built (and he has seen the Gian and the Specialized Allez line - the Elite got good reviews and I like the upright lines)he likes the Raleigh Revinio line.I would probably buy a Giant Defy or a Specialized elite before any of his aluminum bikes.Need to save up for that Orbea Onix or Orca.But then again the Giant TCR get's great reviews for the carbon bikes for value.Of course if I had a lot of money the Bianchi Infinito looks like the nicest along with those Willier Tristina.But as always it's your build not the bikes and what you think feels best IS best.Definitely would go Campy on those Italian bnikes and not Shimano.

Faizol said...

Thanks for info Chazz.

Bicycle frame materials has ben a topic of intense debate and strong opinion among bicycle enthusiasts.

There's no denying that there is no shortage of myth, hype and misinformation surrounding bike frames too.

While there are important differences between frame materials be it carbon, titanium, aluminum alloy or steel but the fact is that the frame material really matters much less contrary to the marketing hypes and buzzes.

It is just one of many factors that influence the strength, weight, and durability of a bike and the way it feels and performs on the road.

In the end, it's about personal choice, financial capability, preferences, taste and you could also throw in resale value in the equation too. IMHO , what's really important too me personally is the correct bike size, conformability and affordability.

The same goes for components too. They don't necessarily make one to be faster. Admittedly, more expensive parts are lighter but not enough to make the average joe speed along like a whippet, with the back fitted with rockets.

Nothing beats fitter lungs and legs.