The Ride, Gadget and What's the elevation again?

@ the Second RV

Date: October 9th 2010
Route: Sungai Long
Riders: Dr. Azlan, Sham Discovery, Farizal, Zaha, Shamsul, Romzi, Suhaimi and Faizol

"Syawal" is officially over but there are people who still host open houses. There’s no telling when this event will subside. I hope we can do a ride to Mantin sometime  next week.

It was a rather lovely sunny Saturday Morning. Its just too bad we couldn't do a long distance ride.
The route is simple enough, the Sungai Long dragon back route.  We (Sham Discovery, Dr. Azlan and I) started off with a pretty decent speed at 26-28 KM/h while on the 0 Km.  Just to quench the curiosity, the 0 km starts from Sungai Long RV up until the Sungai Chua clover leaf's peak.

We started to step up the pace while coasting down from the clover leaf's peak toward the Sungai Ramal exit and peddling at a steady 30-35Km/h up until the Bukit Kajang's RnR where made a quick stop  to catch come air before heading out to the 2nd RV.

Farizal's New Gadget
I guess brand affiliation and loyalty do have their ways with some people. Farizal just got himself a new gadget and its pretty cool too.  It’s a wireless cycling computers that has 41 functions including hear rate monitor and altimeter  just to name a few.  It's a convergence of cycling computer and a heart rate monitor. The gadget requires three 2032 batteries for the computer, body strap and sensor.

Thanks to this cool gadget we now know the the Big Mac’s elevation is 107m (that’s above sea level for those who’s smarter than a 10 year old), the second hill is 75 m and the last one is 62m.  Maybe next time we can check out Bukit Antu and Genting Peres's elevation.

From the 2nd RV we continue the ride to the Joint for a "borak" session a plate of "roti banjir" and Teh 'O' Limau panas. Romzi and Suhaimi joined us later. Both of them started late from their housing area due to domestic challenges but its better late than never.

Pictures taken during the ride.

Sham Disco and Dr. Azlan at the 1st RV...waiting for MieTador

@ Kajang Perdana Clover Leaf. Syamsul arrived a bit late.

Zaha and Syamsul checking the gadget out

All you can see on this tiny screen

Wireless sensor for distance, speed and cadence

Body/chest strap...yes it's Merida too

@ the joint


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