Wet Sunday Ride

Date:October 24th 2010
Route: Sungai Long
Riders: Zack, Zam Besar, Nizam & Faizol

The original plan was to ride to Mantin. Due to certain circumstances, I had to do Sg Long instead. Zaha, Farizal and Cikgu Sham however continued with the plan.

Wet Sunday ride...
It was a dark and windy Sunday morning with loads of nimbus clouds hovering over Kajang, Putrajaya and Semenyih. It already started to drizzle lightly when Nizam and I cycled our way to the Sungai Balak RV where we met up with Zack and Zam Besar.

We continued cycling through the SILK highway up until the Sungai Ramal toll plaza where we made a brief stop to check if Cikgu Sham was there. We then continued cycling and took a quick "bio-break" at Bukit Kajang's toll.

It started to rain while we were climbing the Sungai Long's hill and decided to continue cycling and made a brief stop at the Sungai Long's toll plaza to regroup with Zam who was left during the frantic moment when it started to downpour at the peak.

This would be my first time riding in the rain and to be honest it was a bit fun especially while coasting downhill from the peak.

This video was taken while climbing the last hill. It was still raining but not as heavy as while we were passing through the midway.

Pictures taken during the ride (Please click on the images to enlarge):

Zak and Zam at the 1st RV

Coasting from Sungai Chua's clover leaf

@ the Sungai Ramal Toll Plaza

 Dark clouds hovering over Sungai Long and Semenyih

Quick stop at Bukit Kajang to regroup

Zam carrying his bike across from the main road.
 The downpour started here

This weather condition was not a problem for this UPNM cadet

Took a break at Sungai Long's Toll Plaza

 Zam besar bemoaned " Takdo kojo cari kojo"
 Nice scenic view at Sungai Long after the rain
 Heading back home

Wet and slippery road


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