Rain or Shine...

Things have been pretty hectic these past few weeks. I guess its true that the world does seem to spin faster as you get older.  Anyway, I got a call from Alain late on Friday evening asking about Saturday's ride. Actually it was pretty much a "done deal" courtesy call confirming that the ride was ON.  I was a little hessitant to confirm because the weather  had been incredibly unpredictable these few weeks and the coming weeks (based on the Met. Dept. Report)  as well. He's answer was elegantly baffling, Rain or Shine...I'm still riding.

True enough it was a cloudy Saturday morning and droplets of water had started dropping near my house. I gave Alain a call and  "rain or shine" was the answer.  The ride was still on so I took off from my house and waited for him and Kwan near the Sungai Long Toll Plaza and it was already drizzling.

Dr. Azlan joined me later (another crazy Richard, rain or shine cycling addict) at my RV area but he went on a did a few round of warm up laps. I was a bit anxious while waiting for Alain and Kwan because the weather seemed to get worse by the minute.  Surprisingly Farizal arrived at the RV point on his MTB. Apparently he was riding solo from Bangi, through Saujana Impian via SILK highway. 

We hit the road as soon as both of Alain and Kwan arriveed. By that time, Richard was on the other side of the road, still doing his warm up laps.  We continued cycling knowing that he'll catch up with us sooner or later. Its a privilege of being a "Richard, someone with enough gas in the tank to do it.   

From the zero Km, Kwan led the pack, cycling at around 30-35 Km/h up until Bukit Kajang. Alain than took the lead up until the Bukit Mewah toll plaza. Farizal cycled with us until the Bangi exit and took the route back home. 

We continued climbing the rolling hills, passed through the Sugai Long Toll Plaza before making a quick break on top of the last hill.  Dr. Azlan finally caught up with us, just when I thought he took a rain check due to the weather. 

We rode together until the Cheras Perdana exit. Alain and Kwan continued cycling to Balakong while Richard and I headed straight home.  In a away, it was a good ride. Now I get the "bath" my Madone properly after  a few weeks of baby wipes. 

Good ride guys.

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From a far, I thought it was Alain. 
Richard doing his warm up laps

They finally arrived.


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