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Audi e-Bike.
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Hello there! How's everyone doing? Wow, this must be the longest gap ever since the last post. I've not been on the saddle for at least a couple of months now. Why? Hmmm where do I start? No where! It's just that I've been busy, period.

One thing for sure, I'm itchy to get back on the bike. May be not straight away do the road but a few rounds on the roller first and see how that go.

Bicycle has evolved since early 19th century, from the draisine in 1817 to the mountain bike in 2000. It's interesting to see how bicycles and trends evolve these couple of years. Now there's foldable bike, fixie and then the e-bike. With easy and fast access to information, innovation is happening faster and faster every day. IMHO, for these genre of bikes to survive, they have to reach cult status fast. That means they have to go to market fast and wide, with the right price and package. The rest such as marketing etc goes without saying.

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I'm more interested on the e-bike and today more brands including car companies are entering the market.  Wonder when can e-bikes really hit the market worldwide?  Right now it's just too expensive and only available on certain markets.

They are a number of prototype developed based on few platforms in the last three or four years but they never made it in real life. The 4 P's still apply.

Check out these videos:

Audi e-Bike

Daimler's Smart e-Bike

Apart from these, there are other bizarre, or "eccentric" innovation and re-introduction of the early bicycle, the draisine.



What's next?


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