Weekend Inter-State-Sunday Ride

Date: 4th October 2009
Route: Kajang-Mantin-Kajang via LEKAS
Distance: 86KM (Based SILK Highway's Sg. Balak Toll Plaza)
Riders: Zack, Zaha & Faizol

Photo Session at 2nd RV

Don't be deceived by the grandeur of this blog title, thanks to LEKAS highway, the routes to Pajam, Mantin and pretty soon Seremban are now more accessible. I don't have the right word for this but yes, there's an alternative highway to Seremban other than usual KL-Seremban Highway.

Anyway, we came about with the plan on the Saturday ride while "lepakking" on top of the last hill after the Sg. Long Toll. Unfortunately Syamsul, Saipol and Cikgu Sham couldn't join the ride due to certain categories of domestic problem or challenges.

Zack and I started off from Sg Balak Toll. We hit the road at around 7.20am and reached the second RV at the LEKAS Kajang (South) Toll Plaza at 8.00am sharp. Zaha joined us +10 minutes and we continued our ride plan to Mantin.

The road was all clear and the weather was perfect. Not so sunny, a bit cloudy and not so windy, at least. We cruised our way to Mantin Toll and stopped there for about 20 minutes before we headed back to Kajang. Unfortunately the "Masak Lemak Daging Salai" stall was closed at the Beranang RnR so we had to settled for "Nasi Goreng Telur Mata" instead.

The route back was as usual... worst. The wind, heat, lemang and ketupat had taken their toll on our RPM. We cycled at the speed of 24-26 Kph. Zaha took the Semenyih exit while Zack and I continued through the Big Mac and all the 3 hills.

Overall, not so bad after a month long of no cycling. The thighs and calfs are still aching. I think I'm just going to stick to Sg. Long for awhile until I get my fitness back.

Boo yah...

Pictures...pictures...pictures....stories without pictures will be boring.... but stay tune for the video...we got a little something for Saipol and Cikgu...

We'd crossed the border into another state

All the TREKs in a single file

Mantin Toll Plaza break...

Zack on LEKAS route to Seremban....proud to say....he had officiated the route... yeah... lots of cow dungs too.

We're not going to let Zack the did the opening ceremony alone were we?

Yes... another shot...

and another one...

Back in Selangor

Beranang RnR...


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