Weekend Ride to Kg Gebok

Hmmm.... where do I start? I've been staring at my MacBook Pro's screen for a few minutes and zip, nada, no idea how start writing about our recent ride. Reason? Disconnect. Things have been pretty hectic at work.  There's so much one can juggle and up to a point, you need to put a side a few to refocus. But hey, that is what life is all about isn't it. And most of us if not all, are jugglers.

Enough about that.

Last weekend, a bunch of CA's went cycling to Pajam via the LEKAS highway on bright and sunny Sunday morning. Our exact destination was a Kg Gebok.  So what's so special about this place? There's a small roadside restaurant called Warung Kita-Kg Gebok. We like it here because the dishes are freshly cooked and they are delicious. From roti canai, fried rice, fried noodle and char kuey teow to name a few.

As usual the RV point was LEKAS's Kajang Toll.  Zaha, Najib and Zam were the early ones to arrive followed by me and finally Farizal together with our long lost cycling buddy Azhar. Apparently he's in a "training program" for a PD ride. Good luck buddy, you're gonna need it.

The total ride distance, to-and-fro was approximately 70KM.  As usual the ride back via LEKAS higway is always challenging. Both the heat and headwinds are the biggest tests.  It's important to stay together through out the ride.

We split into 2 groups with Zaha cycled back to Semenyih via the Kajang Perdana clover leaf, Farizal and Azhar via Sungai Ramal and the rest of us via Saujana Impian becuase we wanted to "layan" jus jambu batu along the road near Saujana Impian's TESCO.

Good Ride Guys!

Video Part 1: The Zero KM

Video Part 2: Najib leading the pack

Video Part 3: Passing through the Negri Sembilan's border

Video Part 4: The ride back under the searing Sun

Pictures taken during the ride:

LEKAS's Kajang Toll Plaza

Passing through Beranang

Regrouping at Pajam's underpass
Bio-break at Pajam's RnR
To Kg Gebok

The ride back
It's freaking hot!

Regroup at Kajan Toll Plaza

Refreshing Guava Juice


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sero said...

sedap ooo air jambu ni... lepas minum rase mcm boleh kayuh ke pd je dari saujana ni