The Mantin Mission - One Hell of a Ride

I didn’t really know how to begin writing about our recent interstate ride. It was literally “One HELL of a Ride”. Four guys, 90KM (+/-) ride on two highways, a few dragon’s backs, a couple of hills , multiple cramps, uncomfortable crotch, battered legs, a few cans of Coke-100plus, sunburn, 35℃ hot weather and the wave of heat rising from the tarmac baked us.

This by far, was one of the epic and memorable ride so far for 2015. It’s not that I haven’t done this route before but taking into consideration a few variables such as long hiatus, sub par fitness and endurance level and over-confidence, this one ride truly tested my limits.

We started from Cheras (S), cycled through the Sungai Long Dragon’s back on SILK highway. Then we continued through LEKAS highway all the way to Mantin. It’s mainly flat but the headwind was a “killjoy”.  We made a stop at Mantin town had our “refuelled” there. After the break we went on through Lenggeng-Broga back road, passed through Bukit Puyuh and the dragon’s back. 

This route offered a different “taste” compared to LEKAS highway. It’s a beautiful hillside with lush trees, providing the much needed shade from the searing hot mid day sun. The re-surfaced road made the ride smooth and less bumpy but only up until Lenggeng town. 

We made a few quick stops to refill the bottles. It’s nice to see the small towns along the way because in away it gave me comforting feeling because there were times when I had to cycle alone. Some of the areas we passed by were rather quiet and covered by thick bush and plantation areas.

The worst part of the route was not the hills and dragon’s back but the the Semenyih town. It was utterly chaotic with heavy traffic, non-existent road shoulder and traffic lights. Note to self, avoid cycling in this area because you’d be competing for space on the road with busses, trucks, cars and motorbikes. 

After the Semenyih town I took the Putrajaya exit headed towards Kajang via the SILK highway, It’s already noon and we went our separate ways, desperately trying to get home. Alain and Fakriz went on the Sungai Long towards Cheras while En Azmin safely rescued at the Beranang town. 

One Hell of a Ride…


Our rendezvous point, public parking area near AEON Cheras Selatan

Sungai Long dragon's back conquered but it's only half the journey.

Long distance rides need positive mindset and challenging spirit...wait a second, where did I hear this before?

Legend! Bump into this elderly chap, En. Karim while we made a quick stop at the Beranang R&R. Apparently he rode across the continent up until Greece using his tour bike. What an inspiration.

We've crossed the border. Welcome to Negeri Sembilan!

Open road... Let's go!

Cruising on LEKAS.  This route is perfect training ground to improve cycling techniques such as drafting. By tucking in close behind another rider can reduce wind resistance. This way the group can expend less energy.  Cyclists will rotate through a line, taking turns riding up front ( or pulling) before peeling off and latching onto the back. 

We made it to Mantin.

Taking a breather while climbing the Bukit Puyuh on Lenggeng-Broga road.

Option A: Ride back to RV via LEKAS. 
Option B: Lenggeng-Broga back road. 
They were not the best of choices to choose from. Both are equally challenging. A choice between blazing hot sun or the Lengggeng-Broga winding dragon's back. No 4G-3G or Edge. No chicken-out. The only way was forward.

El Capitan came to the rescue!

El Capitan explaining the route, topography and challenges ahead.

The Broga town.

Near the Nothingham University...El Capitan had to make a quick phone call.

A pair of tired legs on SILK Highway.



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