The Saturday Inter-State Ride

NOTE: This entry was never published since the ride on January 21st, 2012. I really don't remember why, but it was there in draft mode all this while. I found it while reviewing the labels in the content listing. 

It has been 2 weeks since I took my TREK Madone for a ride due to work obligations. My most recent ride was the The PD Recon Mission. A long break break after a ride like that could be a bit overwhelming since the the 2 weeks was mostly filled with classroom activities with minimal space in between the tight schedule to do cross training to maintain my aerobic conditioning. Gotta start slow and build back my fitness a step at a time.

The original plan for Saturday ride was a reverse Sg Long route from Jusco Cheras Selatan to Semenyih via SILK highway. I've done a reverse route before with CA guys but we usually carry our bikes across the road near the Sg Long Toll Plaza. I was really looking forward for the ride as I'd be I'm cycling with new gang of roadies, En. Azmin, Alain and Kwan (I hope I got your name right). All of them are proud Pinarello Paris owners.

We rolled out from Jusco Cheras Selatan on a sunny and bright Saturday morning via the SILK highway enroute to Semenyih. Most of us except for En. Azmin knew the route's special offerings, yes the dragon backs or rolling hills and the "Big Kahuna" or "Big Mac", the long climb at the last hill, perfect for cardio workout and to strengthen those legs.

While cycling we hit a speed bump when En. Azmin's rear wheels started to get bumpy due to a high spot on the tire. We had to stop to check the tire and found out that the tire was not seated properly. This condition usually this will take the form of having most of the circumference of the tire in the correct place and a section of the tire bulged out of the rim. We had to deflate it right away as it could have exploded with a loud bang and it's game over if the tire was ripped.

Video 1: Climbing the Sungai Long

Video 2: Cruising on LEKAS

Once the tire was fixed, we continued cycling through the SILK highway and the dragon backs. We made a quick stop on top of the hill to regroup. While waiting for En Azmin and Kwan, Alain asked me if I could suggest a better "route". The first thing that came to my mind was Pajam via LEKAS and we were game for it. Little did I realize that it was an additional 21 Km. All this while cycling to Pajam, I had forgotten about the distance. Once we were on LEKAS, there was little options left to turn back. We had the opportunity to turn back at the Beranang RnR area but En. Azmin was sporting enough to continue cycling until the Pajam exit. 

We took a short break at the Pajam toll and continued on to the old road in search for a place to stop, rest and refuel. After the much needed break we headed back to LEKAS highway and ride back to Jusco Cheras Selatan. The Sun was high up on sky and it started to get hotter and hotter by the minute. As we we were cruising on the LEKAS highway we bumped into a roadie who was helplessly pushing his bike on the road shoulder.  We stopped to check if he was okay. Apparently there was nothing wrong with his bike but the guy has bonked out, completely out of gas and left behind by his cycling buddies. We escorted him up until the busy Semenyih town and continued our ride back home via the Saujana Impian route.

All in, we've cycled approximately 75 Km from what was supposed to be a short route and probably saved the poor cyclist's (who introduced himself as Kim) day. I'd burnt a total of 3200 Kcal. Though challenging, but I had lot of fun. We've done an interstate on Saturday!

Good Ride Guys!

Rolling from the RV point
Climbing the flyover on SILK highway
Sunny Saturday morning

That's the spirit
Climbing the "Big Kahuna"

Cruising on the LEKAS highway
That's our Pit Stop near Pajam....


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