River Rafting Adventure at Sungai Slim


Those who dared...
It has been a while. Quiet but not without activities. It's just managing priorities. My love for cycling is still intact, in fact its expanded a little bit. Recently I bought a foldie bike for my son. To be honest, i was never a fan for folding bike or any bicycle permutations. Don't know if this is the right word, but yeah I am old fashion in that sense. It's either a roadbike or a mountain bike.

Bicycle has been here long time ago and the history is a little muddled. The concept was probably invented in 1418 when Giovanni Fontana built the first human powered land vehicle which had four wheels and used an endless rope connected via gears to the wheels. As a product like bicycle develops over a long period of time new technology becomes available. This lead to changes in the way the product looks, its mechanical efficiency and design features to the consumers. To keep ahead of the game bicycle makers always look for modern technology to innovate and apply them to bicycle design.

The foldie
But I digressed. Back to the "foldie". It kind of grow on me every time I ride it.  Heck, I'm thinking of getting one for my self. I know my buddies had they eyes rolled when the saw me riding that  cool looking little thing but deep down, they're intrigued. It's a matter of time...Go urban bike!

Anyways, I've been cycling but not as frequent as I used to. Finding the balance between family and personal time is relatively easy. Family first and then cycling. The good thing about the "foldie", now my family can share my passion. Pack the bike, put in the minivan and off we go the park for some quality family time.

I took my Trek Madone out for a ride with my "Hulu Langat" cycling posse a few weeks ago and managed to clock over 40KM distance with average speed of 23-25KM/h. Not bad considering the route and 8 month hiatus on a road bike. The only casualty was my bike. There's weird squeaky noise coming out from the BB and had to send it for servicing. Luckily nothing serious. The Madone is now back on service and so does the MTB.

On a different note, last week I went to a river rafting adventure at Sungai Slim in Perak. Why adventure? It was for two reasons. One, Sungai Slim was very technical and the water was low. It was still fun though. Two, we were supposed to have our river rafting in Kuala Kubu Bharu but the water level was so low that if we continued, we'd have to carry the raft on our shoulders. So the operator took us to Sungai Slim instead. It was a 1 hour drive form our the rendezvous point near the KKB post office.

Good thing I brought my own GoPro mounted helmet with me. I managed to pretty much record the whole ride. Here's the video below.


Our adventure photos taken using Lumix FT2, old but not obsolete....

The assembly area at Kampung Ulu Slim. Safety briefing part 1-Life jacket, helmet, the do and dont's
Yeap, that's our ride to the river...the back of a pickup truck...oh joy! 
This was one of the are with nice dirt road...the rest...no words to describe
After be thrown sideways through bumpy dirt roads, we arrived at the starting point...
Sugar rush? hyper excitability...

The King of Kong Rafting gang!
A bit washed out...but could see the excitement...couldn't wait to get into the river

Safety briefing....

Happy but nervous...


Hi I am your guide! Oh...that's comforting...
Someone did a kayak slalom through the rapids..

Stop for a break at the river bank...
End of the line...carry your own raft back on the truck!


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