Sungai Long's Outbound Climb

What's the strategy here?

Recently I discovered few images and videos of a solo ride on April 19th 2009 while checking trough my archives.

I took some pictures of how the route look like of climbing the 1st peak from the opposite direction.

I don't recall why I did the solo ride. It might have been one of those days where you had to do it solo. It's one lonely route. Lucky for me there were no stray dogs around.

To avoid causing confusion, I think it's best to name this reverse route as "outbound climb" and the usual one as "inbound climb". The basis of this would be the location of the pit-stop on the 3rd hill as the base.

Took a short break after the 2nd hill of the outbound climb. Right in front was the steeper climbing condition of the 1st peak. Do you FEEL it...

Un-motivating Solo ride....

Taking a break

The base...


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