"ShitHot" Big Double Loop

Date: Saturday, October 10th 2009
Route: Sg Long Big Double Loop
Riders: Zack, Zaha, Saipol, Faizol

Check it out...the great climb

As planned, we did the "ShitHot" Big Double Loop of the Sg Long route. The RV was the usual Sg. Balak Toll and we started the ride at 7.35am. Earlier on we were a little bit skeptical on doing the big double loop but yes, we did it and it was a good loop and a good ride as well.

All that needs to be done is to change the pit stop from a delicious Roti Canai at Taman Rakan to Shell station besides the SILK highway en routing to Sg Balak Toll.

I'm still yearning to ride the Big Mac from Semenyih bound direction... I don't know guys but maybe in future we should do a Big Double Loop and a half?

Check out the pictures and videos:

ShitHot Super Torque dan Zack

Zaha made it at check point. Right before the 1st Peak.

"ShitHot" Saipol getting ready for the climb

Zack looking at Saipol's new outfit.

The usual pit stop after the last hill...

Video 1:




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