Sunday-October 25th 2009: The weekend Jackpot

Latest Updates: 2 out of 2 videos have been uploaded.

At the base...waiting for other cyclist to pass by...

Saipol texted me last night asking If i had a ride plan and I had no solid one for Sunday. I was thinking on doing the LEKAS earlier on but one of our members (you know who) couldn’t do long distance today. I guess he’s still in cooling-off period. Tough luck bro...I wish you all the best in handling your B1N1 (Bee-One-N-One) case. Consequently back to default route... Sg. Long.

Note:For those who do not know yet, the B1N1 pandemic only affects legally married male of the homo sapiens species.

The weather was gloomy and a bit windy but not enough to dampen our spirits unless it was a down pour. We hit the road at 7.45am and headed straight to Toll Bukit Kajang and boy oh boy we were in for a surprise, another long lost cycling buddy, Romzi, was there taking a break from a solo ride from Balakong. What a weekend. It's rather unusual, but back to back meeting by chance of long lost cycling buddies was just “something”. It's like you just hit a jackpot.

Romzi’s had had a few upgrades on his Eddy Merckx’s bike. High profile Dura-Ace wheel set in particular was a real shiner. Nice bike. You can see the the details on the images taken during the ride below...

We continued cycling until the 1st check point and waited for Zaha to arrive at the clover leaf near Kajang Perdana. There was a stray dog near by but we manage to “bark” it off. The best defense is offense... we showed the mud who’s the boss...It would have been a different story if there was a pack of stray dogs...

Climbing the 1st peak has always been a thrill, at least for me. On a good day it would be nice and smooth, on a bad day... god knows you’ll need a breather even before finishing the peak. The one motivation that has always driven me to this route is the descend. I love it here and the videos say it all. The long descends, wide road shoulder coupled with the serene surrounding views made the route earned its status as the Default Saturday Ride.

To add some fun to it, we did a little sprinting and attacking at intervals on the 1st, 2nd and 3rd peak. We took a short break at the base before heading to the Feeding Zone.

From the base point we cranked up the pedal, speeding at 30-35KMH taking advantage of the flat road and minor ascend along the way. It was heart pumping, gas throttling moment that lasted for about 4-5 KM until the Feeding Zone.

A short but nice ride.

Video Updates:

Part1: Catching up...

Part2: The Descend

Images taken during the ride:

Romzi at Bukit Kajang Toll Plaza

Saipol and Romzi doing Keirin

Red Hot Eddy Merckx...nice theme

Check point 1 pit-stop

Romzi mounting an attack...

penat tu.....


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