Ride to Putrajaya on Mom's Day

Awesome Picture....
This is a quick blog post. I have been pretty busy lately. There's simply not enough time to write a proper entry due to the hectic schedule, work wise that is. So bear with me.

I seriously think we should add a couple new routes this year. The usual ones are getting pretty boring so to speak. Noticed how we struggled when it came to deciding the next day's route? I think it's obvious enough. Most often than not the're almost always a long pause after the question "What's tomorrow's plan?".

Last Sunday, May 13th, we rode to Putrajaya. We did the short route, cycling from Persiaran Selatan to Persiaran Utara, PICC, Precinct 2, Precinct 15 where we had our break and finally headed back home. The weather was nice a sunny the whole morning though it was a bit cloudy early in the morning.

Below are some of the pictures taken the ride. Thank you to Mietador, Zaha, Farizal and James Newman for making the ride happened.

Having said about new routes, we're planning for a recce ride via the Broga Jantan route in maybe fourth night time. For those who don't know what Broga Jantan route is, two words: Pure Madness! Stay tuned for updates. 

Banzai! Good ride guys.

Waiting for me at the RV point. Had a punctured front wheel, hence the delay.

Passing through IKRAM and UNITEN

Waiting for James and Mietador

@PICC...awesome picture...

Passing through Precinct 2
Kids, don't try this at home or anywhere else. This is a trained pro who spent hours perfecting the stunt's technique. 

Hahaha.. This was Farizal's idea... not bad... Gentlemen, Tuck in your "airbags"!
Suhaimi, doing a favour for an Indonesia tourist from Jakarta
She wanted more...

"1st picture with a fan"...hahaha

Making a quick stop at 7e. James wanted to refill..
Posing jangan tak posing...
yeah yeah yeah... Farizal humming MacGuyver's song...or was he doing something else?  



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