Happy 2013!

Allez allez Richard!
Here we go again, another new year fast approaching. Personally 2012 had been very interesting and no doubts it's a challenging year for my cycling calendar.  But hey, that's the beauty about life. You gain some you lose some. After all we are all jugglers aren't we? Jobs, me time, family, community, friends, hobby… we juggle all the time don't we?

Hello 2013! I'm a looking forward for a more "fulfilling" cycling calendar this year, hopefully.  I'm looking to add some off-road actions since I have upgraded my MTB on top of the usual weekend road rides. Nothing fancy and serious like the PCC Presidential Ride, Burung Hantu Night Jamboree  or MTB bike hash. It would just be mini rides with decent track that would not require me to push instead of riding the bikes, at least for the start.

Last Sunday, Dec 30th 2012, we rode to Putrajaya and yes SBJ joined the gang after a very long "sabbatical" in Toulouse, France. Since my recovery ride program wasn't really 100%, I kinda expected this ride to be somehow a "torturing" one. The fact that I was following a band of roadies was not encouraging at all.  One too many times I got left behind especially after "Bukit Malang" in Putrajaya. Its tough but I have to stick to the plan. The Madone will have to wait until I've achieved my personal target.

We rendezvoused  at Precinct Diplomatic for to take a breather and refuel before we headed home via Jalan Ayer Hitam and subsequently the SKVE-Kajang bound. All in all, it's nice to be back on the saddle and we had had a good ride. I clocked 48.5km and this was the longest bike ride since October 2012. This is by far the worst ever bike stats compared to SPLY (2011). Moving forward...lets have more fun this year!

I'd like to take this opportunity to wish Y'all a happy 2013! We've made it to PD, now what's next?


At the RV
Passing through IKRAM and UNITEN

My training bike

Najib's Roubaix
At the Taman Empangan Park, near PICC

The Palace of Justice, Putrajaya
SBJ waiting for his boiled eggs
Richard's handy work!


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