Tour De Limau Manis

We did the Tour de Limau Manis last Sunday. Someone might think really,TdLM? Why the heck not? Let's name this route with something since it seems to be one of our staple route on Sundays.  It's essentially is the Limau Manis-Putrajaya route anyway and the best part has always been the "sweet & sour" rolling hills...yeap we're looking at 11-15 % elevation through out this route until Putrajaya.

From the onset, it was clear that we wanted our buddy Joe to experience TdLM since he'd been asking for the Putrajaya ride. Unfortunately he bailed on the last minute due to personal reason. It's a bit too late too pull the ride off and change the route since we just did it a couple of weeks back. We opted to just do it. 

Zam, Najib, Farizal and James Newman had arrived earlier at our rendezvous point (RV point) the PETRONAS Silk Highway Station. Last week when we did the Putrajaya ride James, Zaha and myself wore the Leopard TREK team's jersey. This time around we had 2 people (Zam and Najib) wore team Andalucia Team's jersey while James and I had our Leopard TREK's.  Farizal...he's clad with his traditional MERIDA jersey. Zaha arrived a few minutes after me, and he put on team RADIOSHACK NISSAN TREK's jersey.  

We took off from the RV point and cycled through Jalan Ayer Hitam enroute to the Limau Manis junction. I purposely broke away form the rest  so that I could take a video footage of the boys climbing the steepest hill on this route. I managed to do just that but I had trouble holding the camera steady as I was panting and trying to catch some air after climbing the hill. 

After exiting the Limau Manis, we continued cycling on Putrajaya's Persiaran Selatan enroute to the PICC.  We then did a u-turn and cycled back up north towards Alamanda on the same Persiaran Selatan. Najib and Zam took the Wadi Ehsan highway to avoid having to climb the Wawasan Hill while the rest of us continued on the same route.

We then regrouped at the Ali Bistro at Precinct 15 for RnR before we headed back home.  It was a good Sunday ride and we had a lot of fun. Good ride guys! So Joe, please check out the pictures and videos we took during the ride so that you'd know what to expect when you join TdLM next time. 


Video 01: The steepest hill on TdLM

Video 02: Coasting downhill 

Video 03: Climbing the 2nd steepest hill

Video 04: Cruising on the Putrajaya's Persiaran Selatan



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