Putrajaya Ride with the New Node

My newly installed Node1
The hunt for Node1 had been been completed. I had to spend the entire Saturday afternoon, from going to Solaris, installing the gadgets and cleaning the bike from the smudge caused by the cable-tapes adhesive. Nothing beats the excitement of a brand new gadget. And I really was looking forward for the ride.

There were only five of us on this ride, Farizal, Zaha, Najib, James Newman and myself. As usual we rendezvous at the Silk Highway PETRONAS Station on the SKVE, near the LLM building. From there we cycled passed through the UNITEN and back on the SKVE before taking the exit to Putrajaya.

The terrain from the Persiaran Utara up until the ramp heading to PICC was mostly flat with few minor climbs. The only hill on the route was Bukit Wawasan. It's steep but distance wise, its shorter compared climbing it from the opposite side. From the ramp near PICC we cycled to Precinct 20 and climbed  the 2nd  round- Taman Cabaran hill. We made a quick stop here before continued on to the main road and "layan" the PICC hill.

While cycling towards the Red Mosque we bumped into  Hong Kong cycling team. They probably were doing a routine warm up ride for the 2012 Asian Cycling Chanpionship held in Kuala Lumpur.  Zaha and me took the opportunity to draft behind them while they were cycling on Precinct 2 up until the round-about near the Red Mosque. We had to slow down due to the uneven surface of the block paved road from that point up until Masjid Putra while the HK team rammed through the gravel road like a tank.

We rendezvous with Farizal, Najib and James Newman at the round-about's exit and continued to the Diplomatic Precinct for RnR before we called it a day. Suhaimi and Romzi joined us at the Ali Bistro later.  It was pretty much a routine route. Perhaps its high time to try new ones? Morib, Gap  or Fraser Hill anyone?

Overall it was a good ride. It's unfortunate that I had had problems with my totally rundown left shoe's cleat. It kept popping out every time I increased my cadence. Otherwise we would have climbed the Wisma Putra and Melawati Palace's hill as well.


Video 01: Cycling On Persiaran Utara, Putrajaya

Video 2: Cycling with Hong Kong Cycling Team

Pictures taken during the ride:

RV at SILK Highways' PETRONAS Station

Bukit Wawasan's foothill 
Perghhh... Bro Misai...
James looked really serious trying to chase the group leader
Precinct 20!
Open field at Precinct 20, a magnet for RC Planes fanatics...

Taman Cabaran Entrance

Najibd's Ride

The DuoTrap

A view form PICC

Coasting downhill from PICC's peak
Hong Kong's Cycling Team 
Drafting behind Hong Kong's Cycling Team
Farizal and his portege...
Pergghhh... Menarik... Sedap wooo Saipol!
Best in Town!



sero said...

aerobar tu mcm best je...

Faizol said...

Aerobar? Team Hong Kong tu? Aerobar ke dia punya aerodynamic yang ko minat ni?

sero said...

wauuu... tu pun minat gak, heh... sape ade aerobar spare?.. nak try pasang utk satu ride la, nak beli kang tak pakai, mcm rugi pulak

Programming Tutorials said...

Great pics!