Saturday No Show and Rodalink Putrajaya

We're supposed to do Sungai Merab-Putrajaya but unfortunately it was a torrential downpour on Saturday. Still hopeful I waited for the rain to subside but it kept on pouring until about 9.30am. The monsoon season  is back and so does long list of wedding invitations. Yes, the long school break is just around the corner. The plus side however, for some strange reason, the traffic will be less congested.

Since the ride has been cancelled, I decided to check out Rodalink outlet at Precinct Diplomatik, Putrajaya. I think it's a pretty smart idea to open a branch here. The city has the mass and almost everyday you can see people riding bikes especially at night and on weekends.

Though there aren't many options in terms of bike brands but it has an impressive accessories section with stuff ranging from hand-pumps, valves, pouches, tool-kits and LEDs to name a few. The jersey section was not that great but it has a fitting room. Other than Polygon, there was a few Colnago's half carbon bikes and fun bikes (suitable for ride around the park , not for those who are seriously addicted to cycling)

Apparently they were busy setting up the shop for the official launch tomorrow on Sunday, October 31st 2010. Overall, the outlet has a nice ambience and space planning. Congratulations to Rodalink. I hope this will spur more bicycle shops to open their outlets here in Putrajaya. In summary I was like a kid in a candy store.

Click on this jump for more about Rodalink Putrajaya's Outlet Launch on October 31st 2010.
Videos: Rodalink Launch

Here are some photos taken at Rodalink:

 Accessories Section

 A full carbon polygon raod bike... nice

Polygon TT Bike


Road & MTB group-sets 

Apparel section 



Farizal said...

Bila agaknya boleh bukak kedai macam ni...eeeh..

Faizol said...

Buka sebelah dia la... Rodalong...

joe said...

yes..just open beside rodalink. No need do any Advs also..just share v rodalink. People will come visit togather.

Faizol said...

Couldn't agree more Joe...