Gloomy Saturday Morning Ride Videos

Here you go guys, the videos in HD.

It took me while to get this done. It's a lot more complicated than a MotionJPEG video like we used to have. The whole process of encoding the videos into MP4 files and uploading them to YouTube is an effort by itself but its worth it.

The breathtaking view while coasting downhill shared in HD. I hope you guys enjoy watching them as much as I enjoy recording them.

Note: The video parts are a bit confusing. I'll fix this later.

Video #1: Coasting downhill from the Peak

Video #2: Coasting downhill from the last hill after Sungai Long's Toll

Video #3: Cycling through the SILK highway towards Sungai Ramal

Video #4: Cycling through the Cheras flyover heading towards Cheras Jaya


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