Gloomy Saturday Morning Ride

Route: Sungai Long
Riders: Zack, Farizal, Zaha, Suhaimi, Nizam and Faizol

Its a gloomy and Saturday morning. This time around I brought my brother (in Law) Nizam who’s studying in UPNM to join the ride.Zack and Farizal were there at the 1st RV when we arrived. We hit the road shortly afterwards and rode casually through Sungai Ramal, Bukit Kajang and made a quick stop at the 2nd RV where we regrouped with Zaha.

After a brief stop at the clover leaf, we continued to ride until the Sungai Long’s toll plaza to regroup with Suhaimi who came from Cheras. 

The meaning of Non-Dewa
We ride for fun and friendship. Its never about how expensive the bike is, whether you have the coolest group set that money can buy or if your bike is more expensive than a motorbike. Its about enjoying the ride, open road, jokes and company. We got to learn to enjoy the little things in life. Respect and appreciate our differences.

I got irritated when someone came in and started to bitch about how great his campy record was compared Shimano’s group set etc. Some people have really high opinion of themselves. If only they can see themselves talking in the mirror.  Well thanks for the info mate, we’re happy that you’re happy with your bike. Have fun riding alone amigo.

Enjoying the little things in life.
Speaking about enjoying the little things in life. I kind of enjoy taking pictures and videos while riding the bike especially when we are coasting downhill. That’s why we never get bored of this route.  We love it here...

Good ride guys!

Below are some of the pictures taken during the ride (Please click on the image to enlarge). I'll post the videos on the next blog post.

Zack and Farizal at the Sg. Balak RV 

Zero KM.... passing through Muda Paper Mills

Coasting from Sungai Chua's clover leaf 

Nizam on SARS Spider looking comfortable riding
with clipless pedals for the first time.

Passing through the Sungai Ramal Toll Plaza 

 Zack checking out Farizal's bike at the Kajang Perdana
 clover leaf while waiting for Zaha

Zaha arrived at the 2nd RV 

Zack checking out Zaha's shining hubs.

Group photo @ 2nd RV

Climbing the "Big Mac" hill 

Serene, lush green trees around Sungai Long... 

Coasting down towards the Sungai Long's toll plaza 

Suhaimi crossing over from the other side...

Suhaimi and his new Merida outfit 

Team Merida 

Suhaimi aka MieTador 

No this has nothing to do with "Merempit" .. 

Not this too...

Adi (Sorry if your name was incorrectly spelt dude) joined the party. 

Farizal seemed to be on confrontation about something... but he's not.

Climbing the 2nd last hill 

The peloton

Suhaimi mounting an attack while climbing the hill. 

Ada gaya tak?

@ the feeding zone... belasah time 


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