Sunday Putrajaya Ride Videos

Darn, this HD video making is tedious. It's nice to have but a bit complicated to produce.

Riding and video recoding at the same time is a challenging task. The technique however is still a "trade secret". The biggest problem has always been managing the level of vibration, in other word how to keep a steady shot.  The camera setting has to be right before the ride.

Splitting the video has an impact on the page-view and time spent on page. I'd prefer to have all the content in one go but due to the video transcoding and time-consuming uploding process, the video posting will have to come in later. 

Anyway here are the videos taken during the ride. You're going to have to click on the "read more" link to view the video list. For some strange reason the jump-break function does not allow embedded video to be viewed on the landing page.

Here are the videos in sequential order.

UPDATE: I've created an alternative channel on Vimeo for the HD videos. Here's the link:

Video 1: The ride to Petronas

Video 2: Petronas to Serdang Hospital

Video 3 :Uniten to Serdang Hospital

Video 4: Serdang Hospital to SKVE

Video 5: Coasting downhill from MARDI's peak

Video 6: Riding on Cyberjaya Flats

Video 7: Rodalink launch 1/2

Video 7: Rodalink launch 2/2


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