New Gadget Saturday Ride

Date: Saturday, November 13th 2010
Route: Sungai Long
Rider: Zaha, Suhaimi, Farizal and Faizol

Saturday morning, dark clouds loomed over the horizon. There’s and old saying in Malay, “Langit yang mendung tak semestinya hujan” or the direct English translation would sound like “An overcast sky might not necessarily mean rain”.  The ride was on, hope for the best prepare for the worst.

Zaha informed me that the Suhaimi would be joining the ride. After waited for about 20 minutes I decided to start riding my two wheels and hoping that Suhaimi would catch up later at the 2nd RV near the Kajang Perdana's clover leaf. The traffic was a bit busy with the emission polluting the early  morning fresh air.

While passing through the Sungai Ramal Toll,  a Honda City veered left to the emergency lane with the driver frantically waving his hand at me as if he’s asking for direction. It turned out to be Farizal, trying to tell me that he’d be riding but coming a bit late. I continued riding passing through the Bandar Baru Bangi exit, Bukit Kajang and reached the 2nd RV 10 minutes passed 8am.

At about 8.13am I saw Zaha climbing the curve at the clover leaf from Semenyih. Just as Farizal mentioned, Zaha’s timing is almost always on-the-dot most of the time. He’ll be at the 2nd RV at around 8.15am. Soon after that Suhaimi reached the 2nd RV and followed by Farizal.

Zaha's new gadget, the cycling computer comes with
heart rate monitor and big screen.
Zaha just got himself a new HRM and it has big screen and comes with 22 features such as calorie, zones and tempreture to name a few. I just got me a new Sigma PC-15 HRM as the replacement for my Cateye MSC-HR20 that died due to one clumsy technician of a watch outlet in departmental store nearby. The bloody technician had forgotten to put back one of the button’s rubber washer/ring when I had the watch sent there to replace the battery. The watch malfunctioned when I washed it after one of the ride. Post-Mortem conducted revealed that not only that rubber washer or ring was missing and the main rubber ring underneath the steel cover was also wrongly installed. 

Lesson learned here, always check who the technician is. If possible, take a look at their little workshop which is usually located near the back of the outlet just to make sure it’s not a monkey with glasses(no pun intended, i meant real monkey) instead of a well trained individual. But I digressed.

We continued the ride passing through the beautiful and tranquil dragon back hilly route of the Sungai Long’s highway up until the the Joint. I love the fresh air, lush green trees surrounding the highway and rock formations on the peaks. They are just simply amazing and the ambiance is awesome here except if you’re riding at 12pm under the searing sun. I can tell you, it’s not fun at all.

So far I have to say that I could see a marked improvement in Suhaimi’s overall ride proving that having the right bike size is super important.

Good ride guys!

Pictures taken during the ride (Please click to enlarge)

Cloudy but sunny Saturday morning
My new Sigma PC-15 Heart Rate Monitor
Dahaganya... hahaha
@ the clover leaf, waiting for Farizal

Rock Star...
Farizal made it to the RV
Taking a breather...
Are you guy ready to roll? I'm hungry already...
Chasing the dude on MTB while climbing the peak
Why so serious?

Look... no hands!
Yeah... I won!

I shall not tell what had happened here!


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