Saturday "Yikes! I Overslept" Ride

Saturday, November 6th 2010
Route: Sungai Long (28.6Km)
Time on wheels: 1h15m
Riders: Suhaimi, Zaha, Faizol
At the Sungai Long's Toll Plaza
Suhaimi called me at around 7.30am asking about my location. To be honest, I told him that I’d be late (overslept actually). I was a bit shocked to know that he started cycling at 6.45am and was already at the the Sungai Long toll plaza. 

Bounded by the pledge I made to myself not to miss weekend cycling under any circumstances with the exception of bad weather, sudden visit by parents or in-laws, alien stole my bike or dog ate my tires to oblivion, I cranked up my two wheels at 30-35 KM/h passing through the Sungai Ramal, Bukit Kajang burning all my NOS in the tank. 

For the record, my official start time was 7.55am and I realized that the odds of meeting anyone the the 1st RV point was zero, nada and so did the rest of the usual pit stops. My only purpose was to reach the Sungai Long’s Toll Plaza.

I don’t prefer to ride solo. Riding in a group provides a little bit more confidence and sense of security especially on busy roads. And the draft helps for long distances too. I had to be extra careful and aware of the roads, traffics and dogs. Yes dogs love to chase riders, especially solo riders.

While climbing the Big Mac, I saw a rider on the roadside at the 2nd RV. I was both surprised and relieved it was Zaha. He did not confirm that he’d be riding on Saturday, that explained why I was surprised. We continued riding until the Sg Long toll plaza and regrouped with Suhaimi. After a brief chat we continued riding to the Joint.

Interesting enough, while coasting from the last hill, we saw a gang of dogs “lepak”ing, taking shelter under of the trees along the roadside. I was a bit worried as some of the dogs were looking at us with interest while wagging their tails. Fortunately nothing happened as we rode passed through their territory calm and calculated. 

Good ride guys!

Downhill Video:

Saturday "Yikes! I Overslept" Ride from Faizol.Hardi on Vimeo.

Crappy Video: Don't watch this video if you are dizzy

Saturday Ride-Nov 6 2010 from Faizol.Hardi on Vimeo.

Picture taken during the ride:

Zaha was trying to put on his glasses  

Climbing the Big Mac 

The climb... 

Suhaimi at the the RV. 

Climbing the last hill 

The bunch... 

At the joint 



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