New Gadget Saturday Ride Videos

It looks like I'm going to have to switch back to YouTube from Vimeo. I noticed that the videos uploaded were not in HD even though their source files had been transcoded into high-end MP4 HD format. There's no doubt that, in my own personal opinion, Vimeo has faster video transcoding rate and slightly better video quality especially in HD.

I gotta wait...on Vimeo
As it turned out, all the limitations of being on a free account became apparent recently such as limited one HD video a week and the waiting line for video transcoding (I find this very "amusing").  I don't know what other limitations will soon appear if I keep using Vimeo's free account. But one thing for sure, ride videos will take longer time to be published and this is not going to work for my plans to share our ride experiences.

I'll need some time to figure out the right decision, drop either one or have a mix of both.
Anyway, I've digressed. Here are the videos:

On Vimeo:Climbing the peak

New Gadget Saturday Ride Part 1 from Faizol.Hardi on Vimeo.

On YouTube: Coasting downhill from the peak



Philippines Tourism said...

Great blog. I too am a cycler.

Faizol said...

Thanks Philippines Tourism!