Hello Sungai Long!

Wow, the blog hasn’t been updated this long but that doesn’t mean the were no rides on weekends. It’s just since early of the year, things are pretty hectic, good hectic. Enough said, lets park this topic and get on with weekend cycling.

We’ve been on the Sungai Long route almost every weekends. Personally I think its a good cycling route. It has dragon backs that makes it a fun and ideal short route. Plus it’s not busy with cars and there’s plenty of cyclist as well. Hence it provides a sense of security or confident.

There’s no plan yet for another epic ride. The last one we did was the PD ride back in December 2011. Perhaps we we could throw in a couple of ideas at the joint? 

In order to spice things up, I’ve changed the usual route the ran through Sungai Ramal to what I call the “Reverse Loop”. It’s still on the SILK highway but heading towards Cheras. From the ramp near the Bukit Dukung R&R towards Sungai Long, it’s hilly all the way.

Below were the pictures and a video taken on Saturday in which En Azmin and Alain joined the ride.

That’s about it for now. Good ride guys!


Some Pics:



Joe said...

Halo all, H r u...din see urs long time in the sg long RV point. Me? normally sunday, out fr balakong 6.40am to lekas, bajam or mantin. Back to sg ard 9am. Will hang up n ride with urs one day. Joe

Anonymous said...

It is with great regret to inform one of our member and good friend en.azmin had passed away due to a horrific crash on Silk highway last saturday. Al fatihah.