Saturday Ride Oct 15th

It has been a while since we last ride with Cikgu Sham. We recently met him at a mamak restaurant at Precinct 14 when we did "The 38°C Putrajaya Ride" last Sunday. If there's anyone with the latest and rare bicycle gadgets,  it would be him. From odd looking portable bicycle stand to shoe cleat's cover, he'd have them first.

Cikgu Sham joined us on our Saturday ride. Zack, Dr. Azlan and me rendezvous with him at the Sungai Ramal's RnR area en route to Sungai Ramal's toll plaza.  We rode casually on the SILK highway all the way to the 2nd RV point at the Kajang Perdana's clover leaf.

What surprised me was Cikgu Sham's cycling jersey. It was the limited edition CA's jersey. The idea of having the jersey was mooted somewhere in 2009. I took the liberty of designing it together with some ideas from the CAs. Due to the small numbers the jersey ordered the price was a little expensive hence the poor number of takers.

We continued our ride from the RV point and headed straight to the Joint.

I had a good ride. My fitness is slowly coming back. Hopefully everyone is too. We need to be ready for the PD ride.




sero said...

huhu hu best kayuh minggu ni... sori tak sedap satu badan lepas marathon tu... hahah ha putrajaya bnyk bukit

joe said...

hi Cikgu Sham. This is the bike u say, cheap and bought fr Kedah v $100 courier charge?
Can i have the vendor contact? my frd intend to bought n join this addict!!

sero said...

ride ke pd tu... bermalam sane atau balik hari ni?...

Faizol said...

Start dari Putrajaya, precinct 14. Kita park kereta kat situ. Balik petang.