Flu Bugs and Upgrades

So many things happened in the last couple of weeks. Its interesting to see some new "hupgrades" in the family. It started with Azmi from his Cervello to TREK 2.1. Quite recently Zam Besar had had his Raleigh frame "hupgraded" to half carbon Specialized fame. Yesterday I saw a Giant with a brand new Spinergy Stealth Wheelsets at the a workshop. Little bird told me it's going to be another half-carbon Specialized too.

Okay, I had an upgrade too. I traded my TREK 5900 USPS for a brand new TREK Madone 5.2. I've been dreaming and saving for this bike for quite a while and now I am riding one.

Personally this is the best price point for performance level bike. You'll get Shimano Ultegra groupsets, good frame and a get crappy good Bontrager Race wheels. They are lower level sub one thousand MYR wheels but
suprisingly, they still provide great performanceSome suggested that I change the Dura Ace C24 on the TREK 5900 to the new Madone. While it might be not such a bad idea, I'd prefer to ride the Madone as it is. I just want to savor the "smell of a new book".

It has been a while since the last blog entry. The reason being was that I had a nasty flu and still recovering.  Coupled with some heavy workloads in the the past few days, that explained the spasmodic nature of the blog updates.

We were supposed to ride to Putrajaya but unfortunately had to be called off due to not so promising weather. It was gloomy and looked as if it was going to rain but it didn't. We had to settle for Sungai Long instead.

Hopefully this weekend is better than the last one. I guess its safe to say it's very unlikely there's any more open houses or wedding invitations.  I guess its time to do one long distance ride this Sunday. So what will it be Putrajaya or Mantin. Let's discuss this tomorrow at the joint.


Below is a compilation of ride pictures taken on during the last weekends rides.

Sunday 2nd October Ride Pictures

Sunday ride crew (From Left): najib, Zack, Zam, Azmi, Syamsul and Ah Meng


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