Saturday, May 16, 2009: Bagan Lalang Ride

Destination: Bagan Lalang
Route: UKM-MTDC, Dengkil, Salak, Sepang, Sg. Pelek, Bagan Lalang
Distance: 96 KM
Riders: Zack, Syamsul, Farizal, Zaha, Saipol, Daniel & Faizol
Cameo Appearences: Khairy and Terk

Pekan Sepang Pit-Stop...waiting for banana...

The prelude:

Finally it was ON ON! Honestly, I thought the ride wasn't going to happen. Since the last blog post, there were only 3 confirmations received. All sorts of things were flying on my mind and then on Friday, May 15th at around 5.00PM, through the ChatBox, we had 6 confirmations. Wow…what a relief.

This ride to Bagan Lalang would be my second time. I had mixed feeling about this route, love and hate it at the same time. Love it because it was a pretty nice route to Bagan Lalang, having a break near the sandy beach and no “Bukit Malang”. Hate it because you know you’re going to get "cooked up" on the way back. It’s going to be blistering HOT through the Palm Oil plantations from pekan Sepang through Salak and yes…the madness of De Palma hill.

Part 1: Ride Day

It was a sunny Saturday morning, darn, it’s going to be challenging on the way back from Bagan Lalang. Based from the previous experience, i doubt it's going to be any different.

Took off from home at 6.50am and reached the RV, UKM-MTDC parking area at 7.15am. Zack, Syamsul and Zaha were already there. Shortly afterward Saipol arrived followed by Farizal who cycled here from Bandar Baru Bangi. Trust me mate, on your way back from Bagan Lalang, the last mile to your house will feel like the longest ride there ever least for me.

After setting up the bikes and putting on the Sun Block, boy of boy you're sure going to need them, we hit the road exactly at 7.30am.

We cycled our way through the busy road to Dengkil. While taking the exit to Salak, we bumped into Zamani who was on his way to Putrajaya. He turned back and joined us to Bagan Lalang.

The kampung road to Pekan Salak was decent but had lots of cracked surfaces and pot holes. We had to be extra careful to avoid running on them. Oh did I mention the road kills, yup, there were lots of them too: snakes, biawak, anak monyet, dog, kitten and not forgetting cow dungs.

Somewhere in Salak, Khairy and his son managed to catch up with us. Apparently he ran in late to the RV, instead of going back he decided to carry on and followed us, dragging his son Daniel behind his Honda Cub.

We stopped for a while at Pekan Sepang while Syamsul went to refill his canister. Soon after that we continued our journey to Bagan Lalang lead by Saipol. I noticed the road shoulder here were widened but at certain area you could see that some of the lamp post were in the middle of road. Ain’t that weird?

While passing through Pekan Sugai Pelek I had a stomach cramp and had to stop for while to ease the pain and catch some breath. Darn the “bengkung”! I quickly took it off and continued on solo as the others were already far ahead of me.

I rendezvous with the rest at a food court not far from the Sepang Gold Coast where we took a break for about 11/2 hours.

Part 2: “Apasal Jauh Sangat Ni? Bila Nak Sampai?”

We took off from Bagan Lalang at around 10.30am. The sun was as bright as it could ever be...and the temperature was rising by the minute. While taking on one of the corners my rear wheel was punctured. Lucky for me Khairy was there to help me out.

I regrouped with rest at the Bagan Lalang junction soon after I had the wheel fixed. We cruised at 31-33 KM/h until Pekan Sepang where I had to stop by a Shell station to pump my rear wheel to 100psi.

I have to admit this was the part that I hated the most, the second part, the way back to the RV. The sun was blistering hot and road was busy with traffics as well. I got a cramped thigh at the traffic light before the De Palma hotel and had to make a stop underneath the flyover with Zaha accompanying me. It was right here that we bumped into a senior cyclist who was riding solo. We chit chat for a while before we went on our separate ways.

Right after the mad De Palma hill, we caught up with Saipol who also got cramped thigh on both legs. At this point we decided to ride easy as Zack, Syamsul and Farizal were already miles ahead of us. We kept pedaling under the unforgiving heat of the scorching sun. From time to time we felt the twitches on our legs as the temperature went hotter and hotter.

Finally we arrived at the RV. Zack and Syamsul were waiting for us wondering what had happened. We relaxed for a while while exchanging sad and sorry stories of the ordeal that each of us went through on the way back. Apparently most of us had muscle cramps except for Zack and Syamsul and they too had to make more than a couple of stop.

Sufficing to say, it wasn't a totally bad ride except for the cramps and heat. I was glad Syamsul, Zaha and Farizal got their chance to experience the Bagan Lalang trip. After all the sad stories...all of you are still itching to do the PD ride....unbelievable!

Thanks to Zack, Syamsul, Zaha, Saipol, Farizal, Daniel and Khairy for making the ride happened.

Lets do another challenge. PD is not a bad idea sleep on it guys!

Pekan Sepang

Sungai Pelek

Pekan Sg. Pelek

RnR...breakfast at Bagan Lalang...nice...

Getting ready for the ride back...

Group photo at Bagan Lalang

Shell station at pekan Sepang

Back safely at the RV

Battered faces...but still could afford to smile

Releasing the heat from the cars..



Syamsul said...

Good ride. Personally, ride aku yang paling jauh so far. So satu special achievement untuk aku. Thanks guys for making it happen. Next target: >100km. Broga Loop ok tak?

zackgrafik said...

Yup Goooood Ride walaupun tebako!

Broga loop... here we come!! ON ON

Faizol said...

4 words sum it up...You Guys Are Mad! No doubt about it. Bunch of Adrenalin junkies...

Dah tebako pun gian for more...hahaha..

Beskal Chap Ayam-CUBE said...

wahhh best gaya nyer ni

Faizol said...

Next time boleh la join bro Beskal Chap Ayam...

Beskal Chap Ayam-CUBE said...

Sudah tentu insyallah.Thanks for invite bro

Anonymous said...