Pain and Strain for a Change

Last week was a no weekend ride for me. I took the opportunity on the long weekend to visit my folks. Friday morning was not the best of time to hit the PLUS highway. True enough several unofficial report confirmed that the Damansara Toll and few miles ahead were packed with cars heading north. It was apparent that three lanes is not solving the congestion on the northbound PLUS highway. Maybe we need an alternative highway beside PLUS...but i digress...

It just don't feel right missing cycling sessions over my usual weekends but the circumstances made it impossible to do so. I tried finding slots on weekdays to cycle at least 20Km but it was just futile due workloads and other commitments. So, a week without workout...and I digress again...

Saturday: 9th May 2009
Route: Toll Sg. Balak-Mantin
Mileage: 90KM +-
RV: Toll Sg. Balak
Roda Golek: 8.00am
Rider: Zack, Saipol, Farizal, Zaha, Faizol and Shamsul (Half baked)

This was an interesting Saturday. We broke off the norm from doing short distance to long distance, a total of +- 90KM. The route was Toll Sg. Balak -Mantin via SILK and LEKAS respectively.

Side Track: Riding license and Man Card

Its interesting to see how this pattern changes over time. I remember in the early days when you're so addicted to cycling that you can just grab the bike and ride, without remorse or even fear. But as time passes by, slowly the pattern changes. Suddenly we just lost the passion without realizing it. You don't find it enjoyable like before. Before you know it, you start making excuses to justify your sentiment. Some say your "Man Card" has been confiscated but really the one person that knows this is yourself. So... sleep on it!.... I know I do.

Back on Track: Pain for a Change, Saturday Fully Synthetic semi madness

Got a call from Saipol on Friday evening asking if we could do long distance on Saturday. At first I was a bit uncomfortable with the idea but at the same time I felt like breaking the pattern and do something different for a change. Heck, why not? Let's do this.

Made few calls and SMSes through the evening and it was ON. Zack, Saipol, Zaha took the challenge. You guys rock!. Shamsul was indecisive at first but due to earlier commitments (probably he didn't get a Full license as well hahaha...erk sorry bro) he couldn't join the expedition.

Ride day: Saturday Morning

I got out of the house at around 7.20am and it took me 10 minutes or so to reach the RV. Zack as usual the earliest to arrive and managed to do few warm-up mini laps near the parking area at Sg. Balak Toll Plaza. Shamsul stopped by at the RV while on his way to do Sg. Long route. Not long after that Saipol and Farizal joined the crowd.

We hit the road right after a short chit chat. Destination....the next RV, Kajang LEKAS toll plaza where we're supposed to meet up with Zaha.

We cruised smoothly through SILK at 30-33KM/h. The sky was cloudy in the morning providing a perfect cover from the spotlight and it had been so up till noon. I think everybody knew it was a perfect weather but none dared to "tegur" for fearing that it might change for the worst. Hahahahah talking about "urban legend".

Right before we start climbing the "Big Mac Long" / the long climb aka Bukit Malang (Zack's idea of giving names to peaks along the Sg. Long's route) two dogs tried to chase us. Lucky for us it was just a tease. This got me thinking... though it was a wild and baseless theory...I found it akward but there seemed to be a loose link between Saipol and being chased by guys figure it out on your own or don' all.

Half way through the climb we veered to the left and took the Semenyih exit. We descended cautiously on the rough pavements and headed straight to the LEKAS's Kajang Toll Plaza. Zaha joined us soon afterward at the Toll and we hit the LEKAS tarmac after a brief greet.

The weather and wind conditions were perfect all the the way. From the second RV, we cruised
the highway at 30-33Km/h up until Pajam. Then all hell broke loose. Zack took the lead and pushed the speed to 35-37Km/h. My knees bolts were about to bust the drag gave me the advantage to tailgate Zack until Mantin. We gradually slowed down 500m before Mantin Toll Plaza to regroup and made a stop there for bio-breaks.

We then continued cycling to Pekan Mantin for our usual RnR and nasi lemak whacking session. Oh..yes...we saw the dog that chased us last time was tied to a signboard not far from the shop. Yes... the same light brown,small built, local breed dog...still wiggling it's tail when we passed by.

The Ride Back:

The were many suggestions on the choice for the route back but finally we dicided to use LEKAS back.

Farizal's front wheel was punctured while we riding through Pekan Mantin. We made a stop at the nearby Shell station to have it replaced and then continued our journey back to Kajang via LEKAS.

The road back was more challenging. The headwinds aka "LEKAS Hell" was expected but not as torturous as we've experienced before. Right after the climb near the LEKAS RnR , I got stomach cramp and couldn't breath normally. I had to make a short stop to catch some breath.

We continued our way through and made a second stop the Kajang Toll Plaza. It was around 12.30PM, the spotlight was dimmed (due to the cloudy condition since morning) but the heat has taken it's toll on us. Everyone looked exhausted. Pretty soon phones started to ring, a couple of our friends' wife had call to check on their husbands....hahahaa....let's hope their "man card" won't be confiscated.

After a brief break we continued riding and reached the separation point. Zaha took the Semenyih exit, Farizal headed to Bandar Baru Bangi (BBB) and the rest of us...well...we chose to climb the Big Mac and three siblings on Sg. Long route to home. Crazy huh?...more torture....more pain...more body ache ....

Like Zack said, the satisfaction only comes when you're home....not while you're riding....'s the challenge for next Saturday - BAGAN LALANG!!!! Ada berani?

RV 2: LEKAS' Kajang Toll Plaza

Interesting shot at Mantin Toll Plaza. This was car actually parked on the motorcycle lane. We're amazed by the level of ignorance this car owner had.

Saipol looking tired and pale...quit smoking la bro!

Nasi lemak whacking session at Pekan Mantin

Saipol, sticking his power stick after the meal... Kids at home, please remember not to try this at's not healthy...

Farizal changing his tube, assisted by Zack...

We managed to draw some attention at the Shell station...

Pit Stop at LEKAS's Kajang Toll...on way back...



Zaha said...

Sabtu nie aku on... Bagan lalang

Faizol said...


zackgrafik said...

Yup.... Bagan Lalang yang lazat... ON ON!

Ikot route mane ek?

RV point?

Faizol said...

Cadangan Route dan RV:


Route: UKM-Dengkil-Salak-Sg. Pelik-Bagan Lalang.

Roda Golek: 7.30am