Sunday Ride: 15 February 2009

Route: Kajang-Mantin-Kajang (Via Lekas)
Mileage: 89.4 KM
Ride crew: Bro Zack, Suhaimi, Bro Man, Romzie, Sham, Zaha, Faizol

Yippie... the ride was ON.

Had a few doubts the ride plan would pull through. It was planned at our usual kedai Roti Canai at Taman Cheras Prima while Suhaimi, Sham, Zaha and I were having breakfast (usual stuff we do after every Saturday Sg. Long ride).

The Ride Plan:
1. RV 1 - Toll Sg. Balak 7.30am
2. Head to RV 2 - Toll Lekas 8.15am
3. Cycle to Mantin vial Lekas
4. Short Break and Mantin RnR
5. Continue to Pekan Mantin
6. Layan Nasi Lemak
7. Head back to Lekas highway
8. Cycle back home

It was a sunny Sunday. I reached Toll Sg. Balak at 7.40am. Bro Zack was already there. The rest of the pack were already on their way to the second RV.

Reached the second RV at 8.08am, Romzi, Suhaimi, Bro Man and Sham were waiting for us. Zaha called in and asked us to meet him at Semenyih exit.

The ride was fun. Slowly we accelerated from 25KM/h to 30-31 Km/h. Some of the pack were left behind. We took turn to "Tarik" and "Attack" until Mantin Toll Plaza. Romzi, Suhaimi and Bro Man never made it to Mantin. They decided to pull out at Pajam and return back. Too bad.

Bro Zack, Sham, Zaha and Me stick to the plan and headed to Mantin town after a short break at Mantin Toll Plaza.

Headed back to Lekas after we had our meals and that's were the ordeal began.

The Ordeal: "Lekas Hell"

We had to cycle through tortures headwinds all the way to Kajang Toll Plaza. Still spirited, we cycled our way through the "Lekas Hell". Zaha took his Semenyih exit while the three of us headed to Kajang.

We reached Kajang Toll, battered and damn "penat". Took a breather there for about 15 minutes and continue our way back home via Bukit Kajang-Sg. Ramal (friendly route).

Battered but satisfied...

Thanks to Bro Zack, Suhaimi, Romzie, Bro Man, Sham and Zaha for making the ride happened.

At RV2, all looking cheerful

Mantin Toll Plaza

Nasi Lemak Ikan Keli

Mantin Toll Plaza

What lies ahead....

Battered but still smiling, we just went through Lekas Hell... breather at Lekas Kajang Toll Plaza