Sunday 8 Feb 2009 Ride

Planned Route: Kajang-Mantin (LEKAS)-Semenyih-Kajang
Actual Route: Kajang (SILK H/way) ->Mantin (Lekas H/way) ->Semenyih (old road) -Kajang (SILK)
Mileage: 94.9KM

There was no solid plan for Sunday ride. I was thinking of just doing the default route of Sg. Long. Moreover having blocked nose, fever and cough would just justify the route above. Then I got a text message from Shamsul.... "Jom Pegi Mantin Esok ikut Lekas". Hmmm....not a bad idea anyway....

So there you go... after a few flying's confirmed, LEKAS.

The thing about LEKAS is... it has its unique challenges (headwinds, crosswinds etc) but at the same time ...a Fun Route. Adding to the attraction is the "nasi lemak ikan keli" at pekan Mantin... Hahahah... Demam or not...I ain't gonna miss this ride especially if it's a sunny Sunday morning.

Sunday Morning: 8th Feb 2009
It was a sunny Sunday morning indeed. Woke up early, set up my bike and head straight to the 1st RV point at Toll Sg. Balak. Saipol was already there waiting. Too bad our friends from Balakong; Suhaimi, Romzi, Sham Discovery and Abg. Man couldn't join us.

We cycled steadily (Avg 30-33 KM/h) to the 2nd RV where Shamsul, Karim and Zaha were waiting until Saipol got a call from Farizal, our long lost cycling buddy (who has been on secret training all this while). We made a quick stop at Toll Bukit Kajang and continued our journey to the 2nd RV with Farizal.

From the 2nd RV, Shamsul, Karim, Zaha, Farizal, Saipol and I started our 0 (Zero) Km from Lekas Toll Station.

The weather was nice, sunny and not so windy. It was perfect all the way. We took a break at Mantin RnR before heading straight to "The Nasi Lemak Ikan Keli" .

The Change of Plan
We decided to take the old road home via Semenyih. Not so nice though. The traffic was busy and the sun was ....It was hot.

We broke off into a few pockets after Semenyih and headed home via the most friendly route.


Great Ride!


Some images:

2nd RV Point:

Mantin RnR

Pekan Mantin Nasi Lemak special


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