Wet Monday Morning

It rained on Sunday morning, at night and it drizzled in the wee hours on Monday. It was still a bit dark and breezy at 7.00am. I took a quick glance through the window and saw loads of nimbus clouds over the horizon. But slowly the dark clouds subsided. That's it, that's the sign I was waiting for. The ride was ON.

We decided to do a short ride due to the unpredictable weather. I'd expected a lesser crew due to the long Chinese New Year holiday break. 

I cycled solo from the Sg. Balak toll at a moderate speed around 27-30Km/H. Though slightly breezy but the weather condition was getting better. It was all smooth until I reached the Sungai Chua's flyover when noticed that the road was slightly wet and it got worst from Sungai Ramal onwards.  I hate it when water splashing to the bum. It's freaking annoying but hey, my bike and back were already soaking wet. Might as well just pedal on.

The Sungai Long route has this serene ambience especially early in the morning. Sometimes you could see the mist engulfing the hills and it's like cycling in the clouds kind off feeling. The best part is when you're coasting downhill from the peak at 60Km/H. Nothing can be beat the thrill and exhilaration after the climb, it's pure joy...simply awesome.

I rendezvous with Zaha near the Kajang Perdana clover leaf before Farizal joined us. We then continued climbing the dragon backs and regrouped with Najib who started late and cycling from the other side of the road, Semenyih bound.

Next was the usual, Makan Time at the Joint!

Hot Hupgrade News (HHN)
Hot Colnago CLX: Last Friday, very late in the evening I went to Khairy's bike shop to have my Madone's inter-BB serviced. I stumbled upon our buddy who seemed to be so occupied, admiring a brand new Colnago CLX. It turned out that he just upgraded his old bike to this mean Italian Machine fitted with Ultegra group-set and the bike looked awesome.

There's a new bike in town boys...so get ready for more Gaban actions. Allez Allez Richard!

Below are some of the pictures taken during Monday Sg Long's ride:

Good Ride Guys!



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