2011 Closing Ride to Putrajaya

As 2011 comes to an end, it's high time to reflect things that matter to us be it personal achievements or the  (almost) forgotten previous new year resolutions. Do we have the guts to ask ourselves "What Have I Achieved This Year?" or do we just "Forget about it".  Yes, I'm referring to the illusive PD (Port Dickson) ride! It has been 3 freaking years and we still couldn't bring ourselves to do it. It's painfully disappointing and to make it worst, someone is laughing at us from across the sea in Toulouse, France.

Sometimes too many planning is just a waste of time. Now don't get me wrong. I am not insinuating that planning is bad. Planning is important. There's a marked difference between "Decide-Plan-Act" and "Plan-Plan-Plan". One yields result while the later yields nothing. So here's the decision.....shoooot....you just wait Saipol...time will tell. Oh wait, I heard a distance laugh...but not for long.

Enough ranting about the PD ride and back to the "2011 Closing Ride". It's so happened that 31st December fell on Saturday so the "Saturday Sungai Long Rule" was rendered obsolete. We decided to do the Putrajaya-Cyberjaya ride and the only thing that could jeopardise the plan was if it rained. Well, it rained, but on Friday night and stopped in wee hours of 31st December 2011. Though it was a bright and sunny Saturday morning but the road was what wet. I hate cycling on wet roads because I hate it when water splashing to the bum but we still continued with the ride plan. 

The ride crew was rather small because some of us had to work on Saturday. Those who confirmed were Zaha, Farizal, Suhaimi, Najib and myself. Najib took a rain check because he overslept (what a bummer!...sorry...i have to say it) hence the marvelous 4 was the final number.

Here's a special video message from Zaha:

The RV point was the usual spot for all rides to Putrajaya, the Petronas Station near the LLM on the SKVE highway. Suhaimi was the first to arrive followed by me, Zaha and finally Farizal. We cycled via the inside road passing through UNITEN and took the ramp to the Serdang Hospital before we re-entered the SKVE near the MARDI hill. 

I've always love this MARDI hill, I think it's one of those really fun climbs, not too torturous, just pleasantly nice. From the peak we coasted downhill and took the Dengkil-Cyberjaya highway exit and cycled through the horrible Triplets Hills near the West Transport Terminal. 

We then did a detour to the Cyberjaya lake to take a few photos and continued cycling via the Putrajaya's Persiaran Selatan. Suhaimi took the chicken route and entered the PICC exit and cycled via the 2nd Precinct while the rest of us cycled through the Persiaran Selatan towards the Diplomatic Precinct. 

We had our RnR at the usual Mamak spot before riding back to our homes via Jalan Ayer Hitam, Bangi and finally to Sungai Ramal before we split up. 

It was a good ride but most importantly a HUGE DECISION was made while we had our drinks at the Mamak restaurant and it's going to put a dent on one man's pride for sure. But hey, its not about that one man. It's about challenging ourselves. There's always a way if you have the will. 


Here are the ride pictures folks: The serene SKVE, awesome Cyberjaya and "Rawking" City of Putrajaya!

Suhaimi at the RV point

Zaha helped to fix Suhaimi's seat post
Passing through UNITEN
Wet roads
Hey, there's no bling...something's wrong with the camera...
Suhaimi's new jersey...

At Cyberjaya's lake

Passing through a celebrity's house in Cyberjaya
Dell's office in Cyberjaya

Passing through Putrajaya's Equestrian Club

The Putrajaya's dam

Passing through a beautiful housing area.. 



farihan said...

patut ler Sg.Long lengang hari tu.. rupanyer CA pegi Putrajaya..
aku ride sorang2 kat Sg.Long (after long time not climbing the dragon back) hehehe

Faizol said...

Aiseh... next time bro....

farihan said...

No problem.. next time OK.
now it is less torturing than the first ride.. hahaha.
cuma takder benchmark dgn rider2 lain jer