What crap are we having now!


I don't know what to say. They've (Blogger/Google) just reactivated cyclingaddixs and cyclingaddicts but closed down madcyclingpeople.

Just to share with you guys the limelight of what's going on, Blogger, our blog provider ran into huge problem with their spam detection engine. As a result thousands and thousands of blogs are blocked...together with the real spam blogs.

YES, we are not the only one affected and NO it is not because of our blog name.

I've requested for the reactivation of madcyclingpeople and i seriously think we should stick to this as creating a new blog wouldn't make any sense as it is bound to be wrongly blocked. It's just of matter of when.

So as interim measure please use cyclingaddicts. I will delete cyclingaddixs.

Jom Kayuh....


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