Rain Rain and More Rain

These couple of weeks had been very "wet". Yesterday was no exception, it rained twice, both were monsoon class with monsoon clouds and to sum up, it was torrential rain.

The safe windows was actually from 7.ooam - 11.00am and that's about it.

Taking this into consideration, there weren't many ride options left except for Sungai Long. It normally takes 1 hour 15 minute to complete the route. Not inclusive of the "Roti Canai" session.

The PD ride
Interesting enough Bro Zack reminded me of the target list we set to do sometime last year. We did everything except the PD ride. The truth is, we never forgo the idea totally. From time to time we revised the plan to make it more achievable.

These are some of the drafted options for the ride:
  1. One Day Trip (Type A) :
    Route: Old PD road via Lukut
    Start: As early as 6.45am
    Return Ride: Yes (start at 4.00PM)

  2. Two Day Trip
    Route: Same route as No.1
    Challenges: Lodging, activities and F&B
    Return Ride: Yes (7.00am next day)

  3. One Day Trip (Type B):
    Route: Same
    Challenges: Transportation for both riders and bikes
    Return Ride: No
    (We're actually thinking of leasing a 1 tonne truck and an MPV)
One thing for sure, the consensus is, "Damn, I am not riding back". Though I am pretty sure some of us are "adrenalin junkies" but we have to respect and take into consideration all opinions.

So let's open the floor for suggestions!



Anonymous said...

A suggestment is to get a willing buddy to pick u all up at the destination, say, around 3pm once the peloton has arrived. A car and driver wud be able to carry back 4 riders, with enuf roof racks. Form a grp of 4 and each grp to arrange own transport back, but as a ride organiser, need to ensure all grp has their own transport back.

PerantauSepi1306 said...

vavavavavaa.. so nice aaa faizol.. i envy you, u know... hmmm how i wish i could still do it too.. but i believe i can when i am able to reach the ideal weight again ;p

-sydde -

Faizol said...


Hehehe...I'm sure you can. I still remeber the matrix motto - Just Do I.T....

Faizol said...

Thanks for the advice Anonymous,

Roof rack is a rare commodity....