Sunday Combo Ride

Ride Poster: Bukit Puyuh's Waterfall

I had a good ride last weekend, both on Saturday and Sunday. Saturday ride was pretty much a warm-up ride. Short distance in nature and a mix of low and high cadence intervals.

Different people might have different opinions on how one should ride but for me, right now, I'm on to low-cadence. I sorta want my legs to feel the strain and pain because the feeling is "good". Regardless, the point is, the one person that I'm challenging is myself not others.

So to Rosman (sorry if I got your name wrong which I couldn't care less anyway) from Taman Impian Ehsan, with all your arrogant talks of "you can tapau me", "You can eat me anytime", "you've beaten a hell out of me" and all other things you said yesterday at Khairi's joint, good on you! Congratulations! Well Done! You're better then me and I'm happy for you! I'm sure one day you'll make headline materials!

Enough already about cocky talks lets get back to cycling...but before that I just want to say that finding time to write and write well like Man CIOCC aren't easy. Putting together thoughts, experience and writing it is something that needs a lot of practice. That's why I'm challenging myself to write on the blog, because it's not easy.

Saturday-April 25th 2009:

Did the usual Sg. Long route. The assembly area was SILK's Toll Sungai Balak. Zack as usual was the earliest to arrive followed by Sham Discovery, me and finally Syamsul. Saipol couldn't make it again as his license was not approved, heck I'm not sure if he even submitted the "Lesen Berbasikal" form hahaha... jgn marah la bro...just time around we'll bring you to Bukit Mendum.

Just a note here, Sham Discovery joined the ride by chance and It's good to have you on board brader after sometime hehehe...

We hit the road at around 7.50am and cycled our way through to Sg. Ramal Selatan, Bukit Kajang toll booths and up the Bukit Malang. Zack and Syamsul were awfully fast climbers. Darn my tummy had turned me down again. Your're next on the menu buddy!

After a few nice climbs and coastings we reached the usual pit stop spot up the hill right after Sg. Long's toll booth. After a short while, Zaha came by.

A few people asked me why we always stop there at the top of the hill when there's a nice RnR area with shades and toilet nearby the Toll Plaza. Well the answer is simple, we've passed the final climb while the engine is still warm and on personal basis, that's where the measurement point stop for me and last week I was 4 minutes off the mark of my usual time to arrive at the end point.

We took a break there for about 30 minutes before pedaling to the Feeding Zone (Roti Canai Joint nearby Tmn Cheras Prima). It's a bit not happening because Bob the Entertainer was not there, you know I mean guys!

Sunday-April 26th 2009:

Route: Lekas to Mantin, Bukit Puyuh, Lenggeng, Bkt. Mendum, Beranang, Beroga, Semenyih.
RV: Semenyih Exit on LEKAS.
Riders: Zack, Syamsul, Daniel, Zaha, Faizol
Roda Golek: 8.30am

I drove to Zaha's house, parked there and rode to the RV. We came across Man CIOCC's gang entering LEKAS from UniKeb. After we've regrouped with Zack, Syamsul and Daniel at the Semenyih exit we quickly cranked up to catch up with Man's Peloton.

Cruising the LEKAS at 30-35 KM/h was a lot of fun, taking turns to "tarik" and catching drags all the way to Mantin Toll Plaza . Lucky for us the headwinds had been kind and yes no DOGS or maybe the dogs where overwhelmed by our numbers. Interesting enough someone told me that dogs chasing bicycles is a universal problem. Hmmmmm...

The first pit stop was at the Mantin Toll Plaza's complex where we regrouped and got ourselves descent "bio-breaks" before we took on Bukit Puyuh and Lenggeng consequently.

Halfway through Bukit Puyuh we stopped by a small and nice waterfall for photo sessions. Overall the Bukit Puyuh's climb wasn't that cruel but still challenging. The view was indeed refreshing and tranquil. The lush green trees provided shades, clean fresh air and nice ambiance. The descend was exhilarating but you still need to control your speed as some of the curves were dangerously sharp and some even had sand traps too.

From Bukit Puyuh we rode to Lenggeng. The road was clear. There were some stray dogs on the road side but luckily we had Shahrul Hulk along. The dogs ran off like crazy when Shahrul made a loud "bark". Not just the dogs though, I know i was "terkezut" too hahahaha....what a howler.

Right before we arrived at Pekan Lenggeng, there was this small bridge being closed down for maintenance. We had to carry our bikes through a small walkway just beside it in order to cross over. We regrouped here before we cycled to Bukit Mendum, a "bukit malang" type climb. Man was telling me, while we were cycling through to this one Bukit Mendum, that this climb was 3 times worst than De Palma and it was so damn true. It was hell for first timers like me but not as bad as when Zaha, Saipol and I did the Back 2 Back Bukit Antu-Genting Peres, seriously.

We stopped for a while at the peak for a breather and I was told that there were 3 more hills like this en route to Seremban. Yikes....may be next time...Thank you very much. After the photo session we descended cautiously back to where we came from and stop by the the Nasi Lemak Cat Fish just near the junction to Pekan Lenggeng. The food was nice, i repeat it's nice full stop.

From here we split up with Man's clan, refilled the cans and headed out to Ulu Beranang, Broga and finally Semenyih. The weather was extremely hot. Well waddaya expect? It was almost 12.00PM and the spotlight was a straight on direct beam and heat. Not to mention the heat from the tarmac too. Anyway I'm blaming this on Syamsul...Brader next time around when the sun was all out us a favour by not mentioning anything about the weather was being nice or not so hot etc. Keep it zipped until we've reached our destinations.

From Semenyih's town we split up as Zaha and me headed back to my harbour while Zack, Syamsul and Daniel rode their way through the scorching sun to the designated locations.

Overall it was a fulfilling ride. Thank you to Man and gang for the company and jokes, Zack, Syamsul, Daniel and Zaha for making it happened.

Read more on the ride at Man CIOCC's blog.

Ride Images
(Note: Please click on the images to enlarge)

Cruising through LEKAS

Daniel looking confident...

Body twisting shot....

Cikgu Sham giving a thumbs up...Hey I made far...

No way....this dude is small!

Happy faces... at Mantin Toll Plaza

Shahrul's getting ready for the photo shoot

This is body bending shot...a genuine photographer will do whatever it takes to get a good shot.

Ride Poster: Bukit Puyuh's Waterfall

Come on...giddy up..the show is over lets hit the road!

Closed down bridge...


Bukit Mendum the 1st peak

Nasi Lemak whacking session at Pekan Lenggeng



zackgrafik said...

Nice Ride! Nice Route! Another Great Challenge Accomplished!

Lenkali kita buat lagi!

Syamsul said...

Yes. Great ride. It was the kind of ride that makes you feel satisfied. But the ride back from 11am onwards was like riding in microwave. Let's start earlier next time kalau nak gi Lenggeng. 7am maybe.

Anyways, can't wait to do this again!

Faizol said...

Yes it was a good one. I'm glad you guys enjoyed as much as I did.

We're definitely going to do this again.


Man CIOCC said...

Rosman who? Who cares...

Beautiful write-up. U write well brother, I write like a drunken parrot.

Angriff, Angriff, Angriff ... Mandum die Hügel. Tahniah we are Die Eroberer.
Blistering ride in the oven!

Regards from the rest of the clan.

Faizol said...

Thanks for the kind words Bro!

Looking forward for the next opportunity to ride with you guys again.