A Really Cool Gadget and Lust for Gadgets

Sourced from GoPro website: Handle bar mountable camera,
Gadget lust is something of a phenomenon nowadays as proven by Apple's Iphone 4 recent launch quite recently by our local telcos and soon the much anticipated Ipad. Hard to say which is what and why but is pretty much like buying the "lifestyle" instead of just the product.  The were people who queued up at "ungodly" hours just to get their hands on this "magical" device.

It's amazing how strong the brand loyalty is. The widely discussed Iphone 4's "AntennaGate" issue has not deterred the "die-hard" fans from buying it. Even when they knew that Apple is coming out with the "white" Iphone 4 that is supposed to fix the current antena design defect. This scenario reminds me of a law called the Diffusion of Innovation. According to this law, we all sit at the different timescale such as the innovators, early adopters, early majority, late majority and laggards (the last ones to adopt anything, in fact the reason why these sets of people buy dial-tone phones is because they couldn't find the rotary phones anymore).  I guess it safe to say that those who bought the Iphone 4  are in the 1st and 2nd categories.

But I digressed.

Recently I went out surveying for a shock-water-dust proof, point and shoot and AVCHD camera to replace my dead Oylmpus FE-320 camera. I found a few potential replacement with Lumix FT2 topping the chart followed by Sony and Olympus Meiju.  Just when I thought I had it figured out, I came across a mountable camera, the GoPro HD.  The tiny thing is an action camera, highly mobile and mountable on almost anything from kayak, bikes, helmets and it can record in full HD with 60 fps.

Here's some demo videos to share with you the "cinematic experience" that this tiny camera can offer. The only thing that's holding me from getting one is the "ministry of finance". But like all democratic institution that's built based on trust, understanding and mutual respect, it's a matter of justification... time and timing...

Note: The videos have been readjusted to 530x319 to fit this frame. They're actually on16:9 format.

Video1: GoPro HD promo (handle bar and seat post mounted)

Video2: Redwood road descend (helmet mounted)

Video 3: Mountain Biking (helmet mounted)

Video 4: Bike Jump


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